Hi all,

Apologies in advanced for any grammatical or spelling mistakes/errors and I understand this will be a rather long and complicated read..

So, about a month ago I had my Triage medical phone call for the Royal Navy and they TMU'd me at first for a history of food allergies.

I was diagnosed with an extremely MILD fruit allergy in 2010. When eating certain fruits I would get an itchy lip. No swelling, non anaphylactic, no required medication, (although antihistamines helped get rid of my reaction quicker) my reaction would last for 15-30 minutes and does not affect me at all. No one would know I was having a reaction unless they asked. NOW I have no dietary restrictions and have reintroduced the fruit into my diet and can eat without having any reactions at all.

However, I discussed my allergy history with the Triage nurse and she said it is not a problem as long as my reaction is not severe and I have no dietary restrictions. She then mentioned she would be in touch later on.

About 2 weeks later, I was PMU'd for my allergy and I now need to submit an appeal. This is, of course, a hard pill to swallow as I have previously had a 1A appeal rejected by the British Army (a few months prior to this) which was for the same reason and I had a very clear letter from my GP saying in black and white I do not suffer from this allergy.

After hearing the devastating news, I had an allergy retest and I explained the reason for being retested. The allergy clinic said they deal with potential recruits all the time and said she knows for the British Army they require to get completely cleared from their allergies and come in at a later date to the hospital to then take the 'food challenge'. This challenge entails eating the specific food you have previously been diagnosed with an allergy to, and staying in the hospital for a further 2 hours after, eating the fruit under close supervision of a Dr. Unfortunately, she did not know if the Navy require the same test.

Unfortunately, and rather strangely, my fruit allergy did flag up in the retest the specialist made me do, despite me no longer getting a reaction from consuming the fruit orally. Although, she said based off of the test, my allergy is very very mild and won't cause me any health problems.

I am basically writing this to receive all the help I can to piece together an appeal they cannot reject. I want this more than anything and I cannot express that enough.

These are additional questions I have:

Can I join up with an extremely mild fruit allergy/intolerance? Baring in mind I'm going for the AET role.

What can I do to ensure my appeal gets approved?

What medical evidence will I need to provide to satisfy them?

Is it worth going back to my GP to get a letter to go with my allergy results?

Can I apply for a medical waiver?

Any help, answers or advice I am extremely grateful for!

Thank you.