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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by NDW09, Jan 8, 2016.

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  1. Good afternoon all,

    Firstly, may I introduce myself. My name is Nathan and I'm currently in the early stages of applying to the Royal Navy as an Aircrewman.

    Back in June 2015, I applied to the RAF for the similar role of WSOp (Crewman), sat my CBAT at Cranwell in September 2015, sadly on this occasion I didn't make the grade.

    So as far as FATS go, the tests are all the same as what I sat (if one gets that far) for CBAT. However, does anyone know how long the FATS last? CBAT for WSOp totalled just over 8 hours, however I think I read on here it varies from 2, 2 and a half up to 3 hours. Not that it entirely matters of course, but just out of curiosity.

    Thanks for taking the time in reading one of the many other Aircrewman posts on here!

    Kind regards,

  2. Its all on here, all you have to do is dig.
    You'll have to do better if you want to be an aircrewman!!!!!
    No one to do the work for you in the back of a Merlin!!!!
  3. Waspie,
    Firstly, I apologise. I certainly never wish(ed) to come across as wanting to be spoon-fed information.
    Having delved into the forums a bit deeper, I found the answers required.

    Best regards.
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  4. I sat my Aircrewmen FAT's at the begining of last month and they lasted just under 3 hours. Hope that helps.
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  5. AC1406, thanks all the info I required, many thanks for your time. I hope your FATS went well.
  6. Nathan, it's not that you came across 'wanting to be spoon fed'. being an aircrewman can often mean you being the sole member of your branch/trade on board. You have no one to turn to when you require info. Your fellow aircrew officers may assist but if your unfortunate enough to get a bad un you'll have no where to turn but your own wits and resourcefulness.
    Of course you may be fortunate to be on a large squadron with fellow 'crewies' around you.
    Good luck in your endeavours, it is probably one of the best jobs in the forces.
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  7. Best job being a WAFU, I have heard it all now:rolleyes:
  8. Suck it up big boy, LOL
    Last on - first off.
  9. Waspie, appreciate your kind words, thank you Sir.

    My application has kicked off to a good start, passed my Recruit test at the local AFCO with a reasonably high score and with the viewing to sitting FATS in September this year (having sat CBAT for the RAF at Cranditz back in Sep'15) with a more confident and positive outlook for this next sitting.

    Next up, AFCO interview on the 23rd March! Will keep all informed.

    Kindest regards to all,

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  10. NDW appreciate good manures, but giving WASPy thoughts above his station Will only go to his airy fairy head:p:D;)
    Good luck.
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  11. Will remember for future enquiries ;)

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  12. I feel I should rate your post 'Bullshit' Sumo, but I couldn't bring myself to do it! :D
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  13. I've checked with the wife and she says I'm still not allowed the think without adult supervision. (Her).!!!!
  14. Its called day care release
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  15. RN Second choice then ;)

    Ask your your crab mates then :p
  16. Wont be long before aircrew will be one hatted anyway. Joint Force this and Joint Force that!!!!!
    It's only a matter of time!!!!!!
  17. Fixed that for you:D:p:D:p
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  18. Too kind - yet somehow expected!!!!!!:rolleyes:
  19. Glad to be of service
  20. JFH,

    Not at all; I applied to both services on an equal basis, I want fly in the military for a career, nothing more.

    I've known a few candidates who applied for all three services simultaneously and only pursued the one which they felt truly suited too.

    Having had a family who have previously served in the Royal Marines, I'd also been offered a Deck Officer sponsorship with Clyde Marine Training, but ultimately declined the offer as I wished to pursue a career in Civil Aviation. Ultimately I've had a wish to pursue a career within the Navy.

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