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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by WHE113, Sep 19, 2012.

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  1. Currently in the application process of joining the royal navy, my chosen branch is aircraft handler as this was my main interest, i have been reading mixed things about this paticular branch and wondered whether anyone has served/ still serving as an aircraft handler and could give me an idea of what the job is actually like, the advantages of the job and everyday roles.
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  2. Postman and Pot wash.

    You might drive a fire engine and put out a few practice fires.
  3. Is that the only sort of thing they actually get to do ?.. I chose the role because of my interest in aircraft, is it actually like that ? Thanks
  4. you will be known as chockhead113 from now on. Your interest in aircraft in the FAA will be limited to rotary ones for the forseable future. but it is a good job involving loads of different jobs firefighting,crash and smash,aircraft movments etc etc and most lucrative of all running the coffe boat lol
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  5. You do get to put out pretend fires on old defunct, broken up airframes from time to time. Sometimes, if you're lucky, the squadrons will give you a shout to tow their aircraft somewhere for a static display. The rest of the day is normally spent sat in the crewroom assessing your branch change.

    Good luck.
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  6. That's what I wanted to know just whether it is a good enjoyable job, don't want to do the whole process to find out its not a well respected and decent job?
  7. On the upside, it's not particularly stressful and you get paid more than you would cold calling people 9 to 5 to sell them PPI refunds.

    If you like aircraft, look at AET or AC. That way you get to break or crash them.
  8. Not many people seem to rate it ??.. I clearly don't want to go into a boring branch :p
  9. 9 to 5? I wish. The bastards that phone me call at any...oh, hang on, must go...
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  10. It's what you make it!!!

    As for contact with aircraft. Limited. You will be a fireman. You may get to move aircraft around airfields. Also, chockheads work in air traffic control towers assisting senior ranks and officers on deck movements.

    You can find yourself employed as part of security teams on airfields or assist with admin on bigger squadrons. (Reggies Runner) Has it's befits which will NOTl be gone into on here!!!!

    Most ex handlers that I know are superb guys and very proud of their branch. Try googling the Aircraft Handlers Association and see what it's about!!!
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  11. Quite a bit of mis-information on this thread so I'll try and clear up some points for you so that hopefuly you can make an informed decision. Your training as an Aircraft Handler will be split into two phases,

    1.Fire-Fighting, you will spend approximately 6 months of training in this field, it covers all aspects of domestic and aircraft crash rescue procedures in line with their civilian counterparts, although watch this space with regard to the domestic phase. You will receive civilian recognised qualifications which is relatively new. So if you don't like heights,confined space breathing apparatus or the physical nature of firefighting in general then this is definitely not for you.

    2. Aircraft Handling is approximately three months and in essence teaches you how to move aircraft around a flight deck by various means and how to remain safe and unharmed in arguably the most hazardous area of any ship. You will be a specialist at aircraft moves at sea, any monkey can be trained to push an aircraft ashore hence why they allow squadron AET's to do this task and generally you do not do this ashore unless showing the AET's how to do it correctly.

    When you have completed training you will spend time on the fire station at one of two Air Stations, Culdrose in Cornwall or Yeovilton in Somerset. You will be a piss boy at first but with experience you will be moved on to drive the fire vehicles and gain all the driving qualifications such as LGV, Hazmat etc.

    When the QE class carriers are being sailed around the world in the near future you will be working on the deck with all types of aircraft, ours and foreign. Believe me this is the only area of the ship people will be remotely interested in.<br><br>It's also a small tight knit branch which has a band of brothers attitude which is quite often envied by other branches and rightly so.

    Every branch in the RN has shit jobs to do and shit aspects, just apply a positive attitude.
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  12. This is the sort of answer i was looking for, just wanted to know what it is really like.. rather than different peoples opinions :), the firefighting part interests me too.. i understand that the military isnt going to be glamourous and every job in the world has its advantages and disadvantages, what will the aircraft handlers generally do at the fire station when not called out/ needed ?.. i think it would also be interesting to work with different types of aircraft.. im quite far into the application process, just need to do my PJFT and interview although the waiting list is a long wait i believe.. thanks for the help :)
  13. not a bad article by a young thruster ??? but im a tad concerned, he is talking about theory and not practice, and fantasy.... QUOTE ...You will be a specialist at aircraft moves at sea .....REPLY how???? and ,where will he get his hands on experience from ???

    QUOTE...When the QE class carriers are being sailed around the world in the near future you will be working on the deck with all types of aircraft, ours and foreign...... REPLY carriers with an air group went out with the ARK as well as a Far East QE Class read just one , the other is being mothballed.
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  14. A duty week at one of the Fire Stations will generally consist of 24 hour watches providing fire and rescue cover to the entire Air Station, so when a soggy old Chief burns the accommodation block down, some pissed up matelote wraps his car around a tree or one of the few aircraft we have left falls from the sky you will deal with it. Obviously these events aren’t an everyday occurrence so in between your time is taken up conducting training or vehicle and equipment testing and maintanence.The long waiting list is synonymous with the AH branch due to it being a) very attractive to a young lad who is looking for adventure and excitement b) Has the lowest RT score required for entry in.
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  15. I wonder if you have had any contact with previous handlers , or gleaned info about the branch from others. Up to a few years ago the handling branch was a very exciting and popular one, due to the glamour it attracted, the flight deck and all its dangers and adrenaline rushes, being so close to the actual action of a carrier, I can assure you it was a dangerous job but a very fulfilling one. Times , however have changed and all that 'roughy toughy' stuff is no longer there. Also carriers often had a very good selection of very desired foreign visits, due to the fact that they often had the job of taking flag officers to attend certain civic ceremonies.
    As the carriers passed, so did the air stations, so naturally less and less firestations to man, all in all a shadow of what the branch once was. Personally I was glad that my time in the mob was with a bunch of the best and always proud of being a Handler.
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  16. Haven't spoke to anyone yet that has currently/ been in that branch.. It does sound good.. When you say that the times have changed, do you mean that its less exciting ?. I just wanted to know what it's like as I wanted to be part of a branch that would offer adventure and excitement.. Not sure the result of my rt test just got told I could go in that branch if I wanted as I was already interested. Any more information would be appreciated :) thanks
  17. I've just passed my PRNC today for aircraft handler, been waiting 3 years and joining in Jan! Enjoy your wait
  18. With the decline of aircraft carriers and fixed wing capability it is inevitable that the job would become a little more mundane in the present form. However, I believe that you are joining at a great time to be an AH. There are plans in place now to send groups of junior AH (NA,LA and PO)members to the states to conduct training; names of the first batch are already picked, 3 months ground training then 6 months on board an operational American carrier all geared around the introduction of QE. Carriers aren’t the only vessel you will find an AH, currently there are 30+ having a right old jaunt around America and the Caribbean on board RFA Argus. The new T45 destroyers are soon to be complimented by AH. They are out in Afghanistan supporting operations and still operate on the Illustrious with visiting fixed wing.If I had my time again it would still be the only branch for me. My RT score wouldn’t allow for anything else.

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