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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by ctr05, Jan 22, 2009.

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  1. Okay so the new batch of Royal Navy adverts has now hit our screens and I can’t help but feel a little let down by it all......

    The RM adverts are marketed in way that appeals to its target audience but I would bet my last pair of old style steaming bats that the RN adverts don’t appeal to the people that they are trying to recruit – unless of course you are a helicopter pilot / observer! Most people couldn’t even remember the adverts, so what does that tell you about them.

    Surely there are some more appealing ways to sell the RN!?!?!
  2. I remember the advert where the plane flys past the ship, I think its advertsing Air Tech.
  3. The RN always seems popular on eBay. Perhaps Pusser could pick up some tips? ;)
  4. I think could be better is the answer.

    The aussie advert is tonnes better. The submarine communicator who flicks a switch (i think its from the previous batch of ads??) doesn't exactly inspire you to join up.

    On a slightly different thread i'm also disapointed that there is no mention at all of the RNR. I realise that the aim is to recruit for the RN but even the army mention the TA. The RNR seem to feed the RN quite well so i would have thought they could at least give us a mention.

  5. Awwwwww, we feeling unloved and unwanted!!!! :lol:
  6. Or the medical branch
    Or the RN police

    The list goes on. It's an advert for God's sake - it's not going to mention every separate group!

    I thought the RNR were "the same" as the RN now? Why do you need to be mentioned separately?
  7. Bless. Just for you Trehorn..... :cuddle:
  8. The RNR is not a branch, as the medical branch, store etc are.

    The RNR are an elite fighting force :D

    People don't even know the RNR exists! Everyone knows about the TA.

    The Army obviously see the value of mentioning the TA as do the RAF in their radio ads.

    "One Army, Regular and Terratorial".

    I'm not talking about a specific ad campaign for the RNR but a comment along the lines of "Regular or Reserves, the team works" wouldn't go a miss?
  9. Crikey the Rubbers will be dripping that they dont get the credit they deserve next!! :D 8O
  10. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    Not so much the RNR feeling unloved, more a missed opportunity. The Army / TA adverts give the message that you can have full and part time careers in the army - its a shame the RN ones don't give off the same message as it may have drawn in some more recruits who though "love to join, don't want to leave my day job though".
  11. I particularly like the most recent one filmed on board BAE Scotstoun's ship DARING!!!! I have looked and I suppose I missed the Red Ensign which must be there (thought -or do they fly a Blue on CSTs now?). Does that constitute deception under the Trades Description Act?
  12. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Must admit I forever criticise some of the money that is "wasted" on naff adverts, but am frequently told to 'wind my neck in' because statistics from "decay curves" following media adverts consistently prove they hit the target areas as proven by peaks in phonecalls to the (08456 07 55 55) virtual AFCO helpline & increased hits on the RN or RM website with people filling in request for further detail.

    Whilst they may not appeal to me, they seem to work with those we try to recruit. Recently the Army marketing people even enquired what we'd been advertising as they were getting "hacked off" with people asking them about joining the Royal Marines. (snigger, snigger).

    The truth about RN advertising is that it doesn't really matter what trade you push- you generate interest in most areas. The classic example is getting an RN helicopter to land in a school playground - fantastic for recruiting and guaranteed to get massive interest in job enquiries directly linked to the visit, between June-Sept the following year as the students leave & seek employment. The majority, surprisingly already know job they want to do because they've visited the RN website & discovered that a Grade Z in woodwork means they ain't going to be an F-35 pilot.
  13. Moving on slighting from advertising, I was listening to the radio about graduate employment and the lack thereof. This soon to be graduate was talking about his and his fellow students options, he said that he was considering post graduate study, or having a gap year, and one of his friends was even considering joining the Armed Forces!

    My italics!

    I am sure poor old Ninjie and SM feel like they are fighting a losing battle when you have to counter prejudices like that.
  14. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    It is certainly not uncommon to receive an "educational" reference (I even got one yesterday) stating that this individual was very bright, articulate, athletic, trustworthy, " it is therefore surprising he/she has elected to join the Armed Forces". [​IMG]

    Funnily enough at £28,216 starting pay for graduates, we're in the top 7 UK graduate employers with regard income, training, promotion, welfare etc. so it's rather nice to visit such gifted institutions & let them know that their students will start on more than those teaching them. Many would be surprised how many "enlightened" former teachers we recruit.
  15. It worked though, seems to have connected with Generation Y and more of them applied to be ET submariners. :?
  16. I've been a lurker on these forums for a couple of months now, but this thread has finally induced me to sign up and post. Being out of the UK at the moment I haven't seen the television adverts, however, I have noticed a couple of internet-based advertisements for the Royal Navy.

    One shows a football field and the tagline "Play on the biggest field in the world", which morphs into the bridge markings on an aircraft carrier when moused over, before offering a link to the RN website.

    The second shows a rotating globe and invites the viewer to "See somewhere [they] haven't seen before", before spinning the world into an officer's cap when moused over and linking the viewer to the RN website.

    Both of these adverts I found exceptionally well done, and ought to appeal to today's internet generation. Whilst internet adverts have a habit of being annoying, these are unobtrusive until the viewer, intrigued by the tagline, mouses over the advert. If this is the direction that the RN is taking its recruitment, then it certainly shows the recruiting team in a positive light. Whether such adverts bring in the candidates the RN is after is a separate debate, but the adverts themselves certainly piqued my interest.
  17. RE Gap Year
    The ADF have had a very successful Gap Year.
    When you have completed 12 months you then have the option to return to study, a civvie job or join the Navy, Army, Airforce, and yes those 12 months count to your service time.

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