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I am currently in application to join as a mine clearance diver, I have recently passed my PJFT and after speaking with the Careers officer today on the phone, he told me the next stage to complete is the Royal Navy Acquaint Course, which seemed to confuse me a little bit because I thought the next stage would be the PEDA, which I always thought was just a similar course to the RN Acquaint Course but only more specific to applicants wanting to join as divers.
It now turns I have to wait 5 months until the RN Acquaint Course and then another 5 months after that until the PEDA. :S

If anyone has done this or has any further information to help me clear this up it would be great.
The RNAC is a course you have to complete prior to entry to prove that you are up to the minimum standard for entry. It gives you a brief look into life, it is fun and a good laugh. There are many posts on this site (including one from when I did it), that will give you some insight of what to expect.

In reference to your application time, I'm about to head to Raleigh, and I've been in the application for over 2 years. You'll quickly learn that things don't tend to move fast with the military, unless it's your legs in the Gym during your training.


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Divers are different.

They do a PRNC before PDA if possible.


Once upon a time at the Defence Diving School, the chap in charge (i/c) said they were rather alarmed on a Potential Diving Acquaint course, when conducting the group physical assessments, a candidate inexplicably took it upon himself to Americanize stuff.

Every time the i/c announced each discipline, in a PTI-like manner (a high pitched babble ending in a stacatto raised inflection on the last word): "Press-up position. Go!" This lunatic candidate would scream at the top of his voice: "OK, Assholes, you heard the Lootenant, let's do it!"

He presumably imagined he was being a "team player" and encouraging his fellow candidates as they did their press-ups, flat bench trunk curls (sit-ups), heaves (chin-ups), dips (parallel-bars), etc. First time, everyone including the staff just stared at him, baffled.

The next time, finishing the holler with "Let's Roll", all he succeeded in doing was collapsing an entire course into fits of laughter, as he stood there blinking, looking both as forlorn as a whipped puppy & equally as mad as a crazed gunman lookin' for a possum or some other critter to shoot, yes siree. Spit, ding.

"Too many Navy Seal films" was the conclusion as he was sent on his way home with a little note to have a "consultation with a healthcare professional". Nowadays, we filter out the loons on PRNC.


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I heard a rumour that all the Pools had mirrors in the bottom, but they had to remove them, due to the divers spending to long looking at them selfs and ended up drowning. Is this ture????? It was either Divers or PTIs can't remember which ;)


Ninja, do you know at what stage you need to be at to go on the acquaint course? I have asked for info on it every single time I've spoken to my AFCO (email only) but nobody ever gets back to me about it...

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