Royal Navy AB to Merchant Navy AB

Hello everyone, i left the RN at the end of last year (2016) after 6 years as a seaman specialist and for some crazy reason i thought it would be easy to just transfer my Royal Navy Certificates to the MCA and hey presto i would be qualified to be an AB as a civilian, turns out its a massive ball ache and a lot of the certificates were worthless so i have had to go on a lot of courses during my resettlement to re learn everything, i am at the stage where i have applied for a navigational watch rating certificate which got rejected for the following reason

As per MSN 1862, Section 2.1d, all applicants must submit a completed Watch Rating Training Record Book in support of their application; you must provide evidence of having completed a TRB under the supervision of a UK CoC or CEC holder.

Additionally, the sea time you have provided is only in one form of evidence, which also cannot be accepted in its current format due to them being plain copies. We need to see the originals, alongside an additional form of evidence either in certificates of discharge or a discharge book. ----------This was a JPA print off of all my sea time plus a letter from my last DO with contact information and a copy of my certificate of discharge which says 12 months sea time on it.

This is literally the last ring i have to jump through before i can go on a course that the MCA recognises where i get to learn seamanship all over again, it honestly baffles me because i have spent a good 80% of my time on that bridge.

has anybody here gone through this route before? any advice is welcome.