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Discussion in 'Social & Reunions' started by RNWA Secretary, Oct 18, 2014.

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  1. Are you a serving Writer or Ex-Scribes, then why not consider joining the World's Oldest Military Association the Royal Naval Writers' Association (RNWA) Formed 1887. Membership £5.00 per annum.

    128th Reunion Dinner being held on Friday 9th October 2015 at Southsea.

    For full information and details regarding the RNWA and Reunion Dinner see or contact The RNWA Secretary, Les Heyhoe, 112 St Vincent Road, Gosport, Hants., PO12 4RF Tel: 02392 357181 / Email [email protected]
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  2. Try again before 12:00 mate, you know they won't be in after lunch!

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  3. Bet they all claim that £5 fee and travel back through JPA!

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  4. mikh hangs head in associated shame, RNWA Secretary, the web address you posted is a little off, try
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  5. And they employ these people to look after us

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  6. I'm glad they aren't responsible for anything important like:
    Ships investigations
    Leave etc...

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  7. J_F_A & dsgrnmcm As he appears to be the Secretary of the RNWA, in al likelihood he is getting on a little, and new fangled things like computers and interwebs may not have been around when he was serving.

    And back in the day, it was never the scribes that fcuk'd you pay up it was CENRUTION, didn't you ever listen to your scribes? Now-a-days it your own fault for incorrect use of JPA ;)
  8. It's J_F_H

    At least 5 keys different even on a pussers typewriter.

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  9. Sorry Joint_Force, I was dropping my H's today :oops:
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  10. Ship Investigations belong to the crushers.

    Apparently Pussers are letting as use iPads instead of Atlas now.
  11. ??

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