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Royal Naval Reservists Wanted In South Wales.


Lantern Swinger
HMS Cambria is an operational base situated 10 from Cardiff which trains Reservists in most specialisations of the RNR. We also have a tender unit, TAWE Division, located in Swansea.

We are always actively looking to recruit people (including ex RN) into the unit. The rewards are many and varied including RN rates of pay and an annual tax free bounty of up to £1,390. Members of Cambria have trained and served with many branches of the UK and international military. They have also taken part in various adventurous activities including skiing and snowboarding in Norway and France and sailing in waters around the world.

To join you must be physically fit and able to meet the same entry standards as the Royal Navy and be under the age of 40 (45 for ex-RN).

If interested in joining HMS Cambria or TAWE why not contact :-
The Recruiting Team, HMS Cambria, Hayes Lane, Sully, South Glamorgan.
CF64 5XU. Tel:01446 744044 or email; cambria

We look forward to hearing from you.
When you call them ask about "it's a knock-out". One of the best team building exercises around (apart from naked roll-mat fighting).

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