"Royal Naval Reservists Swap Day Job For Year In Fast Patrol Squadron In Gibraltar"


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As part of Future Reserves 2020 the Royal Naval Reserves will have an even more significant role.
You know, with a year long detachment, its almost as if there`s a full time job or two being filled on the cheap.
You know, with a year long detachment, its almost as if there`s a full time job or two being filled on the cheap.
A full time reservist costs just as much as a full timer for the period they are being employed. They obviously cost less when they are back to the RNR, but then they couldn't do the majority of the jobs a full timer does.
Two smashing blokes. I was on the Lyme Bay with Alex in 2010 and on the Cardigan Bay with Matt later the same year as well as doing the LRCC with him earlier this year.

Good luck to em. Fill your boots boys.
Why in god's name with the number of redundancies going through do we need to fill these posts with reservists...surely there are far more capable people that could use an extra years top up on the pension etc etc...or is that the idea manning priority is now cheaper rather than capable!!!!
I think you've hit the nail on the head. Since the RN has finally sorted out how to mobilise people they've also realised that it can in many cases, work out considerably cheaper than having a full time bod doing the same job.

In many cases the reservist earns more in civvy street than in the RN so there is the reservist award to be taken into account but there are also many cases where the reservist is getting a pay rise by being mobilised as their civvy pay is lower than their RN pay.

When you take into account the pension of a regular against a reservist who doesn't get a pension that's when there's a saving.

I believe that the billets Matt and Alex are filling are FTRS billets and they will be on the pay entitlement as per their rate i.e no reservist award uplift. Not sure about any pension rights though?
People are being made redundant to shape the future Navy. Reservists (and others) are filling gaps to allow operations now. Unless you want someone who is being made redundant filling their draft until the day they had their ID card in? I would rather they had a bit of shore time, some harmony time, then crack their resettlement (in or around their home port) and then hand their card in.
My implication is they are filling an enduring post that a regular could/should be in, thus removing the need to make that individual redundant.
FR2020 bangs on about reservists filling niche specialisations, this aint one of them.:confused5:
The RNR is rubbish, we never get to drive boats or do anything the regulars do!

Mmmmm, where have we heard that before, and now there is a chance to help the regulars out of a tight spot, all of a sudden it wrong!

Make your mind up.

I think it's a great idea to mess about in boats for a year, and I'm sending off an application

I'm caught in two minds;

On the one hand I think it's poor that the Royal Navy is in such a state that it has to use reservists to fill bllets which should be filled by the RN.

On the other I think that any experience the RNR can gain and the more we can work alongside the regulars the better.

David Cameron's been praising reservist -

TA needs more respect says PM | British Forces News

- which is all very well but what he needs to realise is that reservists are keen to do their bit but it's the employers who need to be convinced to support their reservist. There are no incentives whatsoever for an employer to employ a reservist.
No Dabbers' billets were canned in the making of these FTRS jobs. Never been on a ship these last 5 years that didn't have a gapped billet for a dabber. On ALBION, during 1st tranche of 'redundancies' signal receieved - none from the specs got the can. They're crying out for dabbers. Hence...


Could we stop this "swapping day job" line? It's irritating and suggests the RNR are doing the RN some form of favour - which they're not, it's what they joined to do. When mobilised, the RNR is their day job so there's no swap.

Mobilising the RNR is a relatively new thing (well, only really been done since 2003). Many RNR's joined in a time when the chances of being mobilised was none existant. Things have moved on immensely since then and it's gone from the RNR supporting the Royal Navy in times of stretch, crisis, tension and war to the RNR filling any gaps that the RN has at any time because the RN is now perminantly stretched.

I do see myself as swapping my full time job (which incidentally pays the bills the vast majority of the time) for filling a role within the RN. Yes the RN becomes my full time job when required but I do choose to leave the comfort of my office to undertake a role which the RN deem is required to be undertaken by a reservist.

I am very surprised that the government hasn't had more grief from employers for taking so many reservists out of work but perhaps that is more down to the economic down turn than anything else. Companies have been happy to get people off their books for a few months, it saves on salaries or redundancy payments. I can see there being issues as the economy improves and the number of reservists increases and the requirement to use reservists to fill more roles continues to increase.

If the government don't make employing reservists a more attractive proposition for civvy employers they may well find that they have to increase the size of the regulars to fill the gaps left by making the regulars redundant. If reservists are concerned that their job may not be as protected as they would like then the majority will choose the civvy option that pays the bills 99% of the time than there alternative military role which is only available as and when the government see's fit.
All this bull sh*t about your job being protected makes me laugh. If you're employer wants rid they can find ways of making it happen.

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