Royal naval personnel on HMC ships?

Hi guys,

I stumbled the other day across references to the Border Agency's fleet: HMC Vigilant, Protector and so on. I was curious about who actually crews these ships? Common sense would say it's the R.N. or the RFA, but I was unable to find any information on this. The RFA, for instance, does not list them as part of their fleet online, and the R.N. seem completely separate.

I'm interested as to where the crews for these ships are drafted from.
If anyone has the answer I'd be extremely interested!

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Ah thanks dapperdunn, interesting that there's a uniformed sea-going branch of the state entirely outside the remit of the Naval Service. Has anyone had any experience working with Border Agency seagoing crews?
Customs has operated its own vessels for quite some time. The present HMC Vigilant had 12 or 13 predecessors, I think.

The passage below is from, which I have skimmed through.

" In the last decade of the 19th century the Customs had built 15 new steam driven vessels. This caused considerable problems as no “technical establishment” had been formed. An expert was urgently required. This is where Mr Travis came in. He was seconded from the War Office."

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