Royal Naval History and famous words by Duke of Wellington

Discussion in 'History' started by daflodeo, Apr 19, 2013.

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  1. Is it true that after Sir Francis Drake and the Royal Navy defeated the mighty Spanish Armada, the Admiralty recalled all ships officers to shore while the ships sailors had to remain on board their ships because of a false anticipation of another Spanish flotilla coming to threaten English shores manufactured solely to starve these sailors to death to avoid paying them?

    Reading about the battle prowess of the British soldiers campaign in the Napoleonic Wars under the auspice of the Duke of Wellington he wrote a comment or a poem telling about how in times of war the soldier and sailor is honored, loved and respected but after they have vanquished their nations enemies he is forgotten and neglected. Wellington wrote a shameful truth of the gratitude shown to those who gave so much for so many. Can anyone give me those words verbatim?
  2. It wasn't Wellington who penned that missive....It was a Midshipman Forbes Wabbinson ( should have been Forbes Robinson but he had a stutter.) he was aboard the HMS Massive based at Jagos Mansion Devonport. She was moored between Torpoint and Devonport Naval Base in order to allow new recruits to return to their training base at Raleigh.
    one night following a run ashore at Ye Olde Avondale Uckers championship competition, a bloody battle between WAFU's rules and submariners suck backs occurred on the quarterdeck.
    Having sustained a black eye the OOW ( Mid Forbes Robinson) was heard to say "fcuk me I never saw that coming"
    i will confirm the latter with Granny an ex GI who was on the Massive at the time of the event and still has nightmares about the event
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  3. Not heard the Francis Drake dit (Frobisher and Hawkins did more to defeat the Armada BTW) but you may be confusing Wellington with Kipling (easy mistake obviously) Poem - Tommy
  4. Is it possible that you are thinking of this?

    Poetry Lovers' Page - Rudyard Kipling: Tommy

    Considerably later than Wellington, by around 100 years. But seems to capture the sentiment you are referring to.

    Plus ca change . . .
  5. Welcome to Rum Ration, daflodeo.

    Are the words which you are seeking to find verbatim a quotation by the Duke of Wellington? Have I understood that correctly?
  6. You beat me to it Wrecks, just as I was composing the message! :-D
  7. Age beats yoof yet again Dredd ;)
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    I've not seen that before. Thanks for posting Seaweed.
  10. Don't you sometimes just "hate" the educated man
  11. Kipling is obviously just for us common folk :(
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  12. ​Yes, thank you thats the one!
  13. No, I'm aware of Kipling's "Tommy".
  14. ​Duh? What you been smoking mate?
  15. No, mate it's you thats confused or maybe American history of the Englsh war with Spanish is different from whats taught in England.
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    Google is the University of the Third Age for me ..
  17. daflodeo, if your comments are responses to previous posts it helps if you can add them as quotes otherwise it is like inane rambling.

    And we don't need another member doing that just now . . .
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    It would seem that most, if not all history taught in the USA is different to that recognised by the civilised section of planet Earth.
  19. Who in God's name are you talking to?
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    His reflection.

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