Royal Naval Fleet and Manpower


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Does anyone have an online reference for the relative number of ships/Manpower for the last few decades. I have been googling away but not really finding the sort of thing I want.
A breakdown of ships by type would be good.


Janner, try "Janes" at your local library. I have dug out some figures that may be of interest. Totals do not in clude WRNS, RMs, or reservists.

1962 100,000----------1968 100,500----------1977 64,600
1963 100,000----------1969 98,000-----------1979 61,000
1964 100,000----------1970 95,500-----------1981 63,300
1965 103,000----------1971 89,000-----------1982 62,500
1966 104,000----------1972 87,000
1967 103,000----------1973 83,000

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Desk is like a tip! Just found two more figures. 1985 63,400 and 1987 59,200.

New Years resolution, tidy my desk!!

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Old copies of Whitaker's Almanacs have the strength of the RN in, by ship name, manpower and Admirals, every year. At my parents' house I have 1986, 1990, and a few others, but the closest to hand is 2001 (which is probably too recent for you). Even small municipal libraries have back copies of Whitakers, thats a good place to start.