Royal naval division - world war one - sailors who became soldiers

i am researching my grandfathers war record ,and he served in hood battalion,

I am researching my grandfather John Boyds war record ,he definately served in hood battalion,i have his war medals ,2no football medals won when playing for Hood ,postcards sent from europe and some coins that relate to the dates he was in europe.
I would love to be able to send photos of these for anyone to comment on


Scott Macleod

Not many of you will be aware that during the First World War Churchil formed the Royal Naval Division in 1914. Made up of Naval Reservists who were additional to the needs of the fleet. Many hated the idea of being turned into soldiers. They kept their naval traditions and the two naval brigades were named after famous admirals such as Drake, Nelson, Anson, Collingwood, Benbow, Hawke, Howe & Hood. The other brigade were made up of Marines named Plymouth, Portsmouth, Deal & Chatham.

They saw action in the defence of Antwerp in 1914, saving the channel ports, our doors to europe. In 1915/1916 they were at Gallipoli in Turkey. Reformed in 1916 as the 63rd(RN) Division they saw much action on the Western Front. Becoming one of the best and most famous British infantry divisions of World War One. Total casualties during the war were 1,965 Officers & 44,829 other ranks of which 445 officers were killed and 7,102 other ranks. It is not generaly appreciated that during the Great War over 40% of Royal Navy casualties were suffered on land by the R.N.D.

My 24 part history of the Division the R.N.D. extending to 2,433 pages ended 9 years ago. However, it has just become available on 1 CD and I have just started selling it on UK EBay. (Just type in Royal Naval Division)

My Great Uncle Albert Walls, Stoker 1st Class of Hood Battalion saw action at Antwerp in 1914 but was to be killed by a sniper in the front line at Gallipoli on 18th July 1915.

I was a member of the committee that got Lutyen's memorial fountain but on Horse Guards Parade, London a few years ago. If you get the chance please visit it.

I hope this will interest members & give some of you a new interest in British naval history.

Leonard Sellers (Author of The Hood Battalion)


Hi Len,
I'm researching Col Arnold Quilter of the Hood Battalion and I'm looking for details of his servant, Sgd Cyril Dawe.
I wondered if you might know anything about him please?


War Hero

What I can see at the moment is suggesting that Cyril was born in Westbury-on-Severn in Glos in 1893, was living with Harry James Dawes in Bothenhampton in Dorset in 1919 and sadly passed away in Willingdon in Sussex in 1956.


Hi I'm hoping to write an inscription for the wreath from our town which is heading for the GP90 commemoration events. I was looking to write something in regard to the little known [general public] participation of our naval division. I simply wanted to know the number of dead and injured but you'd think I was trying to discover Arthur's burial location.
Anyone got any info?