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Royal Naval Division Commemorative Dinner


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Get yer name down then old lad. We're just at the moment trying to get some Gucci prizes to raffle/auction off for the RNRMC.

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L&G's, could I trouble you for some clarification.

While the event itself is not a mess dinner the intention is to run the evening along similar lines and adhere to certain traditions of the Senior Service.

I've been doing some research online and have come across some quite contradictory points about toasts, passing the port etc and wondered if some of our people on here would be able to clarify a couple of things;

1. The Toasts of the day were apparently revised slightly last year.
Tuesdays: Our men is apparently now "our sailors".
Saturday: Wives and sweethearts (May they never meet) is apparently now "Our Families".

Can anyone confirm if the updated toasts are actually used or do we tend to stick with tradition?

2. I have attended mess dinners where the Port decanters are not allowed to leave the table however the information on line in some cases contradicts this.

3. We may be required to be seated on circular tables rather than the traditional U shape. How would passing the Port work on here? I'm guessing we just nominate a Vice President to each table?

4. We will have a contingent from the RM Band present. I assume when the Loyal Toast takes place then the national anthem is played and the guests will stand up as opposed to remaining seated? Also the fact that we are not in a Naval Establishment would mean that we should stand for the Loyal Toast in any case?

Thanks in advance of your replies.


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If it's on RN lines then remain seated for the loyal toast and the port cannot leave the table, I'd nominate someone to kick off the port, most senior/eldest at the table?

I can't help with the toast itself, I've not been to a mess dinner since it's gone PC and changed.


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You can make up your own mess rules,that is what we do for our tri service remembrance dinner,you get all the fun rules then!

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Alright ladies and gents,

It's been a while since I posted an update on here so thought i'd drop one in.

Ticket sales are going well and the great news is we've hit the minimum number require to host the event. This allows us to extend the deadline for booking considerably to the beginning of September.

The bad news is that we were hoping to hold an auction or raffle in aid of the Royal Navy Royal Marines Charity however as yet we are struggling for prizes worth using. We have contacted lots of large organisations such as BA, Rolls Royce, Virgin, Landrover etc just hoping for any kind of donation that would make the evening special without raffling off a pick and mix from the local tesco. Unfortunately we have only recieved a positive response from BAE which we are very greatful for.

We'd rather not auction off boxes of celebrations as we think it would cheapen the whole event.

Any suggestions?



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How about contacting a whisky distillery or the Lambs Navy Rum people to see if they'd donate anything?

Or maybe the Battlefield Tours people for a free trip around Flanders/Somme etc

Or (a long shot) the RBL for free tickets for the Albert Hall for this November.

Just thinking of WW1 themes.
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Final preps coming together now. Table plans, order of service. Getting giddy! Tickets to go out hopefully this week!

Stand by.
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