Royal Naval Acquaint Course

Royal Naval Acquaint Course

Just got back from a very enjoyable 4 days up in Inverkeithing, Thought the course was great and a must for any recruits wanting a “try before you buy†The staff were really helpful and it gives you a heads up before joining Raleigh.

The food was great too, I’ve not eaten that well for a while now, a full cooked breakfast and steaks for dinner is always a winner in my book. It’s a shame some of the younger people on the course couldn’t behave as it was us older ones who took the wrath as they stood and watched us do 20 press ups for their miss doings but hey that’s life. There was a few that got told not to bother joining until they have matured a little.

Loved the trip to Faslane but I incurred a trapped nerve in my neck from the circuit training so been walking round like frankenstien, the SA80 training was fun and got my first step on a small frigate.

Smashed my time on the 1.5 mile run too, achieved it in 9 min 30 sec so not bad after my initial PJFT time of 10 min 40, think I came 2nd out of the 30 or so that ran it!!

All I can say is roll on Raleigh

Happy days
It's great that you enjoyed this course and it will help prepare you for Raleigh. If you get an entry date soon then you should get through the 9 weeks before the break for Xmas.

Hope it all works out for you

Neil = Supermario

Thanks, I think the only prep I really need to do is some swimming lessons, I barely made it on the swimming test, I panicked when water was getting in my mouth and the heavy boiler suit made it very difficult for me to actually swim, treading the water was a doddle but had to do my final length on my back
Stefan; Pleased to hear you enjoyed the RNAC. I loved every minute of mine, although it seems a long time ago since I did it to be honest.
Sounds like we both experienced taking the pain of having a select few of the younger ones acting up and not taking it as serious as they perhaps should.
Shame you didnt enjoy the swimming fella. That was one of the highlights of the course for me. Make sure you get in plenty of swimming so your confidence and strength in the water builds.

Correct me if I am wrong, you are a fellow SEA? you got your date yet? I am still waiting for mine. It has so far been the most agonising wait of my life. I am hoping for September for mine, I should get confirmation at the end of this month. Although my AFCO told me that they had taken more people on for training in the summer term than they should of done, so therefore are not sure on how many people will be allocated a place for the next term. I am just crossing fingers for a date before the end of the year to be honest!
Good to hear you enjoyed it. I'm waiting now for my join date and was thinking about enquiring about going on a RNAC and now i definately think i'll have to ring the AFCO and get it sorted.
Dutch – I am still waiting for my date for Seaman Spec, and yes I feel your pain in terms of waiting to receive that call or letter. I think the highlight for me was the running time I achieved and taking my first step on board a Frigate. I am going to enquire to my local baths and see if they will let me swim in a t-shirt or light weight strap on weights to get used to swimming with extra weight on me.

Jamie534 – Yes I would highly recommend trying to get a date for the RNAC it will give you more insight to how life will be and you can ask the staff any burning questions you have. They cram a lot of stuff in the 3 to 4 days your there. I even got a pack lunch for the journey home haha


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Eeeek just got back yesterday.
Absolutly loved every second of it.

Loved the circuits in PT even though the PTI is so scarey!
Its amazing how I ate a fryup everday and still managed to shed a few pounds in 3days!!

You definatly must go.


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I enjoyed mine I also found the swim hard but I finshed it you don't have to pay for anything for this course travel warrant is given to you and food is free and good glad you enjoyed it I did.


I'm really excited about going to Raleigh in about a weeks time, from everything posted on here should be a brilliant time! Is anyone else going?

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