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Discussion in 'The Corps' started by usa1981, Jun 3, 2006.

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  1. Have any Royal Marines trained over the pound with the US Marines?
  2. Would this be the dog pound ?
    Or do you mean pond ?
  3. Not being funny mate but what do you mean?
    Basic training? What would be the point
    Other training (exercises etc) Of course, lots of times. Theres one big exercise every year if memory serves ;)
  4. This thread is confusing.

    The answer is: From my experience. No. Their training is very different. Its I beleive 11 or 19 weeks long (memory loss) and very very different from our training. The name Marine is the same, but thats all.

    I worked with a US marine Sergeant in the Arctic once. He was good, but lets face it, they weren't going to send somebody average where they.



    aka: Steven Preece
  5. just compare an average US marine with an average royal marine.
    the fact that all US marines looks like a brickshit house seems to back up how different they are.
    obv the RM average doesnt way 6 stone, but they look far more mobile.
    different roles.
    you wouldnt really volunteer to have a USMC to sit on your head, but we all know who would win in an actual battle.
  6. Black horse a few years back, We were invited to pickle medows in california for a mountain training package. Our guide an American Marine was lording the fact that the mountain range was like his back garden and we would struggle with the terrain and our stupidly heavy loads. Imagine our piss taking when he thought we should turn back because the rain and clag had set in. Moaning for best part of the yomp our American friend had to be virtualy carried around the route. In my opinion the only thing Royal and the US marines have in common is the 6 letters that spell marine. Royal is a far superior corps and i would rather spend a shell scrape with a nod at week 15 than most (not all) US Marines
  7. Of course I am not RM but during telic 1 we were attached to 3 CDO.We had loads of USMC with us and as someone has already said they tend to be big lads in the USMC.The big difference I saw is where our boys go for a run at any oppotunity the USMC would hit the wieghts. At the end of the day who cares how much you can bench press when your in a fire fight. The Royals were much much fitter than the yanks.
  8. Deeps that's the old Corps there; the more modern USMC is a die-hard runner/swimmer.

    and harry, the fact that someone shot his mouth off and had to eat his words is not surprising, because there're fools and braggarts in every service on earth. Fact is, USMC usually can outmarch almost anyone into the ground, especially in this modern mechanized world.

    Far superior? There are other RM on here with far more credentials on here saying USMC is good enough to hang with RM's; one person does not a Corps make.
  9. Good defence Jarhead. I agree.
  10. JH is right Harry. I worked with numerous USMC personnel over the years and they range from the early 80s Anglico teams (keen as mustard, kit 15 years ahead of us, very good at what they did but couldn't yomp 15k in the rain!) to some Scout Snipers a couple of years ago who were also good at their trade craft but so far up themselves that they could have disappeared. My biggest disappointment in recent years was the command structure (my assumption it was them rather than the individual gravs) of 15 MEU in Iraq. Despite any criticism we have there is still the question, who would you choose to have alongside you on the battlefield?

  11. :thumright: well all we need to rember is that there edgars! of cause they have more and sometimes better equiptment and of cause more "ordanance" but at the end of the day were trained longer and to better standards (do they come out of training as commandos? i think not!). as with anything which impresses, people copy it but you cant beat the original and best! . :threaten:
  12. It was 15MEU with us on Telic 1.
  13. Apologies to all you Royals for butting in, but during the Foot and Mouth epidemic didn't a lot of RM training move to the US of A?
  14. Incorrect Super Boots (weird name btw). After a year and a half USMC is the equal of his RM counterpart. True, it takes us longer to get there as far as training goes, but our training is more intense to begin with than RM training (don't believe me? check out Full Metal Jacket). Please, don't get me wrong; i have the utmost respect for the RM, but don't let patriotism get in the way of facts.

    btw, viewing your training it seems its more sensible in the long run... i see many bootnecks with long term service on here (usually enlistment for RM's is usually 8 years or so, compared to 4 years with USMC); maybe if we ratcheted down the intensity, USMC recruits would last longer.
  15. Hello all,
    new to the site (2nd post) and on this topic i'm afraid i'm on the fence a bit.
    i was in 40cdo in the early 80s and we had some USMC on board the Hermes for a while. They were a good bunch of blokes, but stamina and endurance wise they couldn't handle our fizz. Maybe jarhead is right and these were 'old school' USMC (they were huge!!) i can't comment on the new breed, i haven't met any.
    From my recollection though i think the argument is academic as the two Corps have (or had) vastly different roles. (if i'm wrong on this i'm sure one of you shy retiring types will gently correct me) The RM are the best at what they do and if i had ever figured out what the USMC did i'm sure they would be very good at it to. (joke, be gentle with me i'm new)

    Remember boys, one a Marine...ANY MARINE.... always a Marine
  16. Actually USMC doesn't actually do anything except work out (with weights only - none of that running stuff), drink watered down excuses for beer, and do "runs ashore" looking for women. Forget what you heard about Iwo Jima and the like, that was just a run ashore where the Japs hid their women and the booze.

    (for those who don't know, this comment is severely tongue in cheek)
  17. Bollix mate, complete cut and paste from Wikipedia United states Marine Corps History, you know it's true. :thumright:
  18. I like you JH. you've got my sense of humour.

    On a serious note. i would say there is one area that you guys have got right. I recently visited your country for the first time and was really impressed with the support our troops logos everywhere.
    You've certainly got patriotism weighed off. If we did it over here we would probably be called racist.
    America is great. can't wait to go back.
  19. Jarhead, You are right and i appologise for jumping in too fast without thinking!! Ihave worked with some great US Marines and other services. I hope you accept my appology.

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