Royal Marines V Peninsula Medical School Rugby

Discussion in 'Charity' started by Sumo, Nov 1, 2012.

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  1. Always a good crack, well worth a Fiver! See you there, I'll be the one that looks like a dick. :biggrin:
  2. Are like a Royal out to play then? I'll be the one who looks like a fat ex-prop

    edited Six tickets acquired safety in Numbers, stitched as family ticket supplier again?
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  3. If you didn't know already;
    Due to the weather, the Under 16s game between Devonport Services and Ivybridge has been moved to Services ground: 2nd Avenue, Devonport, Plymouth, PL1 5QE. Their kick off is still 1730 and then its over to Albion for The RM Band (1850) and the MRC (1930). All timings remain the same. Please support as you planned to do and spread the word.
  4. Thanks just had the same e-mail around work
  5. Bastards made me prop on Saturday. I hate it! I am slowing down back row, who is now content at second row. But propping! Necks still in pieces.
  6. Props are a certain shape for a reason, one being no neck HaHa:grin:
    My eldest son has come from Back/Winger to crash ball centre, Flanker and now prop, I warned him about the strength requirements for prop, and he has been in the gym giving neck, shoulders and lower back some extra work. I spent 28 seasons as prop, 4 as second row & 1 as flanker, oh and one strange game for Devonport services 1[SUP]st[/SUP] on the wing? Brought on as sub early in the first half, in the days before backs used to ruck and maul, so the St Ives winger came to me after the game to tell me he had seem some big wingers but I was taking the Piss, if he passed me I had no chance but after the first 2 dumping he became shy.
  7. Yes, usually shorter than 6'3" too!
  8. That is probably true, props are getting taller but did not meet many over 6 foot
  9. Good game if you were supporting Royal Marines
    First half medics miss penalty
    Royals according to miss flag wave from lines man miss penalty
    Royals Score try and convert
    Score announced by young girly Royal 10 Medics 0?
    Royals score and convert again
    Score announced by young girly Royal 12 Medics 0?
    Lines man looks confused and scratches head?
    Second half
    Score announced by young girly Royal 17 Medics 0? Feels about right
    Royals score try and do not convert
    Score announced by young girly Royal 17 Medics 5?
    Followed a few mins later by
    Score announced by young girly Royal 22 Medics 0?
    Final score was Royals 27 medics 0
    Not 100% shore that was the final score or not but what was clear was that Royals had won and the medics scored zero, the final score did not show that the Royals did not get it all their own way and not as big a white wash as some had predicted. All said a good game and the Royal Marine charity fund benefitted, if it was getting a share from the bar the Royals in the stand also played a vital role in donating to the charity, I cannot say their singing was in tune but it became louder as the game progress, and the more they participated in the art of wetting ones whistle.
  10. A fair summary! Medics played well against what I thought was a very young team of Bootnecks. Shame the spots got axed as the streakers came on! :biggrin:
  11. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    TT, a team of young bootnecks.......or a crowd of old supporters?
  12. My old eyes supporting spotted plenty of hot totty in the wings? Good job Mrs Sumo did not attend or I would have had a flat spot on the back of my head

    Where I was seated some of the hot totty kept pushing past me, they kept apologising for having to squeeze their cute little bodies past me as they went to get beers or do whatever girls do in pairs, no apology needed in my book?
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  13. This was said to me a few times through the night, I still don't get it, I can't be more than 25.....IIRC.;)

    Sumo, there were a few distractions!
  14. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    Sounds like the off pitch entertainment matched, if not bettered, the game then?
  15. Did it for me, but then I am easily pleased!

    My keyboard must be playing up, by the looks of my last post its using 2 instead of 4? how odd.
  16. Good all round evening of entertainment:toothy10:
    Remember playing 42 when on Leander (season we took the Midi Ships Cup) 42 sent a B squad as we were only a frigate, wrong decision, they were bounced convincingly, next day 42 not happy and demand rematch, this time we knew we would face a full strength squad, game on. As a frigate with a strong side we found we had to challenge big ships and establishments for a good game.
    We entered the pitch as supposed underdogs we left as equals, and to pee off 42 the score was in our favour but in single figures, (pre 7 points for a converted try days). The 3[SUP]rd[/SUP] half was contested well by both teams, no idea who won the 3[SUP]rd[/SUP] half, the next few days told me my body had been in a battle, always preferred that to an easy walk over, probably why my body is so knackered now? Also when I played for RAF Mountbatten was on the receiving end of a few white washes, not nice.
  17. If that is the case then mine would have also put the number down in the wrong order?

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