Royal Marines transfer to RN Clearance Diver (EOD Aspirations)

This is my first thread on any forum since my PRMC days, so bear with it. I know its possible to transfer to and from different services, but i want to know how hard it will be. The reason this forum is my first port of call is because i dont want to trouble my seniors until i have a bit more info, so i can go into the office and blast them with my research and knowledge of what i'm going to be up against and how im going to do it, also i dont want to make any commitments as of yet. So as said this is my very first step of this process so i have a few questions (possibly a bit bone aswell). The major question is how to get to EOD from where i am now, a marine at a commando unit?

Firstly and most importantly can this definetley be done, from the Royal Marines to RN Mine Clearance Diver/EOD?

Secondly is RN Diver a good pathway to get into EOD or am i looking in the completley wrong place, would it be better to look elsewhere eg. the army :-|? Because as you can imagine being a Marine i want to be on the ground getting rid of IEDs, and i dont want to be stuck diving all my life if it is not pushing me into what i want to really do.

Lastly is there a Spec/Branch advisor for RN Mine Clearance Divers, is there a direct number i can ring, to get the word from the horses mouth?
I would suggest that if you "don't want to be stuck diving all my life" then you don't consider becoming a RN Diver.

There is currently a route into EOD for All-Arms but I very much doubt it will still be around by the time you would become eligible to apply (Cpl recommened for Sgt).

If it is EOD you want to do then you need to be looking at the RLC as an Ammo Tech
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Or join the RAF as an Armourer. I just want to see a Bootie join the RAF to be honest, but they do have some good Operators in truth (hate to say it)!
To be on the ground an OPERATOR you need to be a PO (D) or above. Or go down the MCDO route.

PO(D) route from starting babies course to completing PO's qual and sea time as a coxswain you're looking at eight years if you're an absolute flyer. That would be flying big time. CDO to getting on the ground probably the same, that is if you get one of the very rare team jobs.

You can still be part of the team as an AB(D) but to get amongst it you need to be a PO(D) as previously mentioned. Either way I think the efforts in Afghan will be well over by then.


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Funnily I enough I recently put an ex-Royal into the mob as an MCD.

In my experience the Corps are more likely to insist the Marine leaves then re-applies. By contrast we (my AFCO) recently transferred two serving Matelots into the Corps, so it is feasible.

For those yet to join, thinking transfers are a racing certainty, they ain't - join the right job from the outset & you won't be disappointed when the branch managers say: "No".

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