Royal Marines to re-enact the Cockleshell Raid

Excellent news, a good result for Royal when not much good news was about in WW2.
As a matter of interest I met Bill Sparkes at Chiswick Bus Depot where he worked as a Bus Driving Examiner/Instructor in the late 80's, top bloke and very modest. Had a wee chat during a tea break from a course I was doing at the Train Depot.
I recognised him from a picture that was in the Globe and Buster article about the raid.
Good luck to the lads attempting this, hope they get through the tidal race OK.
The film 'Cockleshell Heroes' is the film that gave me the idea to become a Royal Marine :rambo:

When I was at Eastney barracks I was on gate duties , the films Main Gate was the Field officers quarters which was part of my beat during the hours of darkness :bball:

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