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Discussion in 'The Corps' started by Control, Jan 2, 2011.

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  1. Just out of curiosity really, I wondered how much sea time Royal Marines do? I would imagine the Assault Squadrons do a fair bit but what about the other Commando units?

    What do RM's do whilst at sea?

    Also read on another forum (the post was from quite a while ago) that LC Officers can qualify for a bridge watchkeeping certificate? Slightly dubious about that one though (link available).

    I did a search but didn't find much (some other hilarious threads though).

  2. There is no set time you spend at sea, it can vary massively. As for what you do at sea, lectures, gym, company phys, weapons training, duties , its pretty much anything and everything to keep you motivated.
  3. Excellent Q..!
    then when they've finished queing for the naafi, they;
    for lunch
    for dinner;
    for breaky

    I seem to remember they were good at Butcher duties and even scullery duties.
    A few of them could even play a musical instrument 8O

    SOHR :D
  4. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    First off there's basically two types of time at sea:

    1. Embarked forces.

    This can vary massively from troop level (or smaller) through Company level up to the majority of a Cdo unit embarked on one Ship. The Ship be it a STUFT (Ship Taken Up From Trade) a ferry basically, a RFA or one of the grey funnel line is for want of a better word a taxi taking Royal from point A to point B. Space will be limited due to all the extra bodies, kit, vehicles etc crammed on board. Your OC will have a bit of a nightmare keeping the lads busy with such a lack of space but expect to do Phys once or twice a day...get used to circuit training and running around the deck..weapons training, lectures (FA2's etc) anything to keep you busy and out of trouble.
    You might dip in and get a four man room on a ferry with civvy cooks and the world is all rosey or you might dip out and end up on the worst RFA going with shite, unadequate food sleeping in a corridor under the stairs (Or Passage way or what ever Jacks calling them this week.)

    2. Ships company.

    Be it part of an Assault Sqn or Boarding parties etc, You'll have a job and a role within the workings of the ship. Your day will be more stuctured with you working on your "part of ship" but still expect to do Phys every morning. You'll also get pinged for every store ship or gash hand job going. You are also decoration at formal "doo's" manning the gangplank etc looking all spangly a nice basically. What your job is within the Assault sqn will have a bearing on what you do on board ship, LC branch and you get to hide in your LCU all day, Signaller and you get to play in the Comcen, ABU recce you get to hide and sunbath. ABU you get to play with tanks turned into bath tubs.
  5. You're not from the maritime security sector per chance?

    Lot's of Perse lads with face's like lemons at the moment with Royal snapping up work like it's going out of fashion... :D

    Ship duties or not, Bootnecks are amphibious creatures of the sea dont you know. perse are just creatures....
  6. Why are you dubious?

    My Googles better than yours!!

    One thing not mentioned is that most RM at sea spend a part of every day trying not to succumb to the desire to choke the life out of some matelot or other!!

  7. Choke the cock of some matelot perhaps. My little green bitches.
  8. Only in your [wet] dreams sailor boy!

  9. Queueing followed by Naked Roll Mat Fighting followed by trying to shag anything with a pulse 8O
  10. Royal getting picky these days then eh?
  11. Jamjars filled with raw liver are not unknown 8O
  12. ...that'd be little jam jars.
  13. Hi all,

    Thanks for the replies, really appreciate the answers, wasn't sure if I was going to get caned or not!! :) At this stage I'm just a wannabe but looking at a couple of choices career wise.

    What's the relationship like between Sailors and Marines?

    Only a third of the way through the AIB thread.... 8O
  14. It's a give and take relationship - Royal gives (hard), Jack takes (squeals like a pig)...
  15. and Perce just moves in your missus while you're gaying out with each other.
  16. WRONG - that's Royal's duties as well, Omo in the window and all that...
  17. Multi-tasking bastards
  18. Forgot to mention, it's not gay to give unless you're an ML or a PTI
  19. What about divers mate?
  20. Just plain gay, very gay at all times

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