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Discussion in 'RMR' started by TheRust, Jul 13, 2007.

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  1. Does the Royal marines snarl at the RMR like the Army does to the TA?? Just wondering lads? My Friend in work says that his mate is in the Para's and that his mate thinks that 4th Para are a load of bollocks and shit houses.... sorry for the language just quoting what he said...

  2. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    The RMR regularly augment the RM, but usually on an individual basis & are not differentiated by insignia or ability.

    The RMR are regarded very highly by those that actually understand, only the ignorant few would deem to think otherwise.

    To my mind the ability to maintain a level of fitness over such a prolonged period in order to complete commando training proves the individual's mettle.

    The other proof in the pudding is that trained RMR Commandos can & do transfer directly to the regular RM without any need for additional training.
  3. It just pisses me off the guy in my work sayin that RMR are scum and theyre not as good as the regulars.... puts me on a downer to be honest. Atleast now i know that theyre not frowned upon by the regulars.
  4. Just bang him out.... joking!

    If a regular drips or f’s up then it’s magnified x once
    If a reservist drips or f’s up then it’s magnified x hundred times, however, if your aware of this then you can be cautious of your actions.

    We will always be in the light, and as long as you are professional then they can ram their comments!
  5. Just bang him out!


  6. Or bang one out and relax.

    Disclaimer: "Banging one out" may cause blindness. If you are thinking of making an increase to your thrapping regime, first consult a doctor.
  7. You will find that there is some banter, "Rubber Daggers" etc, but the RMR are well respected by the Regulars.
    I would take little notice of your 'Mate who has a mate who once knew someone who was a Para', you will find that there are always those willing to slag you or your interests off in life, the funny thing is they tend to be living at home with Mummy, have few, if any, real friends, play a lot of 'puter games and/or look at porn on T'internet.
    Has the twat any Service experience himself? No, then tell him to [email protected]#! right off and get some before opening his gob or you'll fill it for him.
    Good luck mate, don't let the naysayers get you down.
  8. Sounds like a failed wannabee....
  9. Cheers pal, im just gonna let it go over my head then fill him in when i get my green beret! :thumright:
  10. Confidence that's what I like to see! :clap:
  11. Why are we even having the conversation. I was always ribbed about being a "Rubber" and yes at times it was a pisser until of course we got out on the runs and in the gyms. I was a much better runner than alot of regs and in this way earned their respect.

    Went on to play out alongside Para reg and have to say that their admin is shite compared to Royal. The ***** cant even navigate effectively and are just what the name suggests which are out dated shock troops with no brains.
  12. I over heard a conversation once between two ex reg nods who are now RMR, when one of them said that the training is'nt as hard as reg training o_O
    OK, so I've never experienced reg training, but that really gripped my shit at the time even though I kept my mouth shut.
    It may well be easier for him, still being very young, at home with Mummy, and no responsibility etc; but not necessarily so for the likes of me.
    I'm in my 30's with a common law missus, baby daughter, 3 bedroom house and full time job to keep us all alive. In addition to this, I've still got to make sure I'm up to speed for the RMR.

    So who really has it hardest?

    You could argue about details all day, but I think its better to just say that it's different. Not harder or easier; just different.
    At the end of the day, we all go to war together, and bullets dont discriminate.

    F.O.A The Rust,
    Never feel like a lesser Marine just because you are RMR, I know I definately wont; and give a big F OFF to anyone who thinks otherwise.
  13. Au contrair. Anyone who gets through RMR recruit training can easily handle CTC. There is a lot more time for admin down there than on a training weekend. Bearing in mind we have to squeeze a weeks worth of reg training into aprox 50 hours . Negative sleep I hear you say?

    There are pros and cons of both but the proof is the figures. 50% of nods who rock up at CTC get lids nowadays compared to about 10% of regulars on average. :rambo:
  14. I have to agree that the training is different in as much as regs training is probably more intense as far as time in the fiels, tactics and phys etc.

    The Reservist has to train in his own time, attend unit and hold down a full time job which again is tough especially if you also have a family.

    Some lads from my unit went SC's years ago and after attending and passing the selection phase went off to do what was then the RMR side of the training. A couple of the Reg lads asked them why they were off and the reply was "we're reservists mate, need to do our bit of training before coming back to Poole" say it all really.
  15. Look at it this way, the regulars have more time for training as they does it all day long where as the reserves (whether they be RNR, RMR, TA or the other lot) have to do the majority of their fitness training in their own time and time spent 'in unit' is therefore dedicated to the more fundamental stuff like training for your role etc so whilst the regs think they have it harder and reserves think they have it harder its 6 of one and half a dozen of the other coz in there own ways each has it difficult.

    Why not get a reserve, swap with a reg and do a week in each others shoes and that will then give both an idea........ if all else fails, all meet in the hanger, group get together and last man standing wins the arguement.. :threaten: :rambo:
  16. I had this convo again the other day with my mate in work who's an ex reg 40 com GD.
    I was pleasantly surprised at his attitude.
    To quote him, "Reservists have to want it more!"

    (f**k it, that's my signature from now on)
  17. Lovin the sig mate! :wink:

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