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Hello everyone,

I'm a dual national. I haven't lived in the UK at any point. Do I have to meet the 5 year residency requirement?

The website doesn't state that this is the case. When I contacted the RN via the live chat I got told that I don't have to meet that requirement. Unfortunately this document states otherwise.


The Naval Service welcomes applications from British Nationals wherever they are, and we recognise the valuable experience which people will have gained from living, studying and working overseas. Whilst, for security purposes, our usual residency requirement is that you should have been living in the United Kingdom for 5 years immediately prior to your application to join us, we also welcome applications from people who have spent extended periods abroad studying, on “gap years” or because of either themselves or their parents being employed abroad. Your CA will be able to advise you on the detail but it may affect the career or job you are applying for.
Here's some additional information about me and what I want to do (in case it makes a difference).
  • I want to join the Royal Marines as an Officer
  • English is my first language
  • I go to an international school in a country in western Europe
  • 18 years old
  • British since birth
Thank you for your time! Cheers.


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If you hold a British passport (besides any other) then you are fully eligible on nationality and will need a residency waiver if you have lived overseas for any period in excess of 183 days in the preceding 5 years.

Western Europe, Commonwealth countries and the US are usually fine for residency waivers as long you are not liable for National Service under your other nationality and can prove it, nor have prior military service with a recall liability. You also usually need to produce a Police check print from your country of residence to prove you have no unspent convictions and a couple of educational references demonstrating your integrity and reliability usually help.

As an overseas resident, you need to apply online and will usually be processed by the overseas desk in London AFCO, initially at least.

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