Royal Marines rescued Snoopy's robot boat ? :-)

Yesterday I posted this under "Hobbies & The Great Outdoors", but maybe it should have been here ....

I hope one or more of you guys knows who rescued Snoopy's robot boat on 30th March 2015,
or can spread the word, so those involved can get credit and a few beers from me :)
Just google "Snoopy's robot boat" or go direct to my page on
If nothing else, you will piss yourselves laughing !

Was it the Royal Marines ? Or the French ? Or just sea kayakers - but with plenty of bottle ?
This rescue was done in gale force wind, and rough seas, lasting several days (see the video).
The timing, delivering the boat onto Brighton Beach after dark, near the Coalition Nightclub,
and the fact that nobody claimed credit at the time, or since, made me think this was a RM thing.

It's all on that page above, but in short: this little robot sailing boat, just 4 ft long,
made attempts to cross the Atlantic, from UK to USA, at least once every year, since 2012,
when the launch was broadcast live on BBCTV, and I was the nutter described as a "retired NATO scientist"
- that may have contributed to persons (almost) unknown "having a laugh" with that boat.
My main motivation has been similar - at the expense of the academics around the World, competing.
The 2012 boat was lost, after landing below The Old Battery, IoW, but the one built to replace it
survived attempts every year, including in March, and the boat is ready to try again in 2016.

Why am I so confident that there was a "sea rescue" ?
1. wind direction and tide would have washed the boat up along the French coast, or further east.
2. the internal I-GotU GPS logger recorded position every 12 minutes, from launch from Boscombe Pier,
out into the middle of The Channel, between Weybouth and Cherbourg, then all the way to Brighton Beach.
3. someone had unscrewed then rescrewed the string holding the mainsail to a different position. a "message" ? :)

The homepage of my tells you more than enough about me: sorry I've always been a "civvy"
and the last time I worked with the RN was in 1970, doing the software for CAAIS in the Type 21 FM1600B.
After that I worked much closer with RAF/USAF, then with the British Army in the 1990s.
That's where I inherited much of my warped sense of humour :)

Please drop me an email on my [email protected] and you are welcome to discuss on this forum.
I thought there was more chance of finding out something here, rather than contacting a RN office ;-)
Take Care

Robin Lovelock. Born 1947. Retired Old Fart.
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