Royal Marines rescued Snoopy's robot boat ? :-)

I hope one or more of you guys knows who rescued Snoopy's robot boat on 30th March 2015,
or can spread the word, so those involved can get credit and a few beers from me :)
Just google "Snoopy's robot boat" or go direct to my page on
If nothing else, you will piss yourselves laughing !

Was it the Royal Marines ? Or the French ? Or just sea kayakers - but with plenty of bottle ?
This rescue was done in gale force wind, and rough seas, lasting several days (see the video).
The timing, delivering the boat onto Brighton Beach after dark, near the Coalition Nightclub,
and the fact that nobody claimed credit at the time, or since, made me think this was a RM thing.

It's all on that page above, but in short: this little robot sailing boat, just 3 ft long,
made attempts to cross the Atlantic, from UK to USA, at least once every year, since 2012,
when the launch was broadcast live on BBCTV, and I was the nutter described as a "retired NATO scientist"
- that may have contributed to persons (almost) unknown "having a laugh" with that boat.
My main motivation has been similar - at the expense of the academics around the World, competing.
The 2012 boat was lost, after landing below The Old Battery, IoW, but the one built to replace it
survived attempts every year, including in March, and the boat is ready to try again in 2016.

Why am I so confident that there was a "sea rescue" ?
1. wind direction and tide would have washed the boat up along the French coast, or further east.
2. the internal I-GotU GPS logger recorded position every 12 minutes, from launch from Boscombe Pier,
out into the middle of The Channel, between Weybouth and Cherbourg, then all the way to Brighton Beach.
3. someone had unscrewed then rescrewed the string holding the mainsail to a different position. a "message" ? :)

The homepage of my tells you more than enough about me: sorry I've always been a "civvy"
and the last time I worked with the RN was in 1970, doing the software for CAAIS in the Type 21 FM1600B.
After that I worked much closer with RAF/USAF, then with the British Army in the 1990s.
That's where I inherited much of my warped sense of humour :)

Please drop me an email on my [email protected] and you are welcome to discuss on this forum.
I thought there was more chance of finding out something here, rather than contacting a RN office ;-)
Take Care

Robin Lovelock. Born 1947. Retired Old Fart.
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Hi Guys. Please pass this to whoever you think might enjoy it, particularly if they know someone who can help. We launched Snoopy's Robot Boat last Thursday, from near Boscombe, after a brief Radio Solent interview where I mentioned your (alleged) help in 2015 ;-) BUT, the important thing is that Snoopy is now in the Channel, anyone can track him, but I have a hunch his jib may be loose. I've just updated the "Snoopy" page on and I'll try and paste the "Latest News" part in below. But dunno if it will work.

2. Latest News on Snoopy's attempt to cross the Atlantic ...
Snoopy's robot boat route from UK to USA and winds
Snoopy's robot boat route from UK to USA and winds
Snoopy had that "weather window" and set sail Thursday 27th June 2019 late morning, at 1010 GMT ( 1110 BST local time ). You could watch his progress from our home in Sunninghill, south to to near Boscombe Pier, then out to sea, on Snoopy's SPOT Trace map. You still can see him now, in mid Channel. See "Newsflash" below.
Snoopy, Robin, and June were in Robin's car, old silver Merc reg C4 GPS, and left home at 0900 BST to meet Peter and Dick near the Zig-Zag steps west of Boscombe Pier at 1030 BST. You can track Robin's car on SpotT2. Robin's Contact details have been public for decades: e.g. UK landline: 01344 620775 Mobile: 07736 353 404.
There was coverage on local radio FM 103.8 and Steve Harris on BBC Radio Solent. e.g. Telephone interview at 0730 BST ( 0630 GMT ) of Robin by Steve Harris. The sound is in rb270619.wav until a better quality file is available: maybe as a video with suitable pictures and clips. e.g. references to Royal Navy Marines ;-)
Dick did a heroic job of launching Snoopy into surf that was far higher than expected. The boat sailed away towards the "Channel" waypoint in a ENE Wind of 20 mph gusting to over 30 mph. BUT, see the strange path on SPOT Trace map. - yet to be explained. Due to the high waves and strong winds ? Are his mast and sails OK ? You may see more recent news updates on the Microtransat Google Group . We need a photo (or video ?) to confirm his sails are OK. Robin has a hunch the jib (front sail) is loose. If so, a carefull repair at sea might be done, by the right guys, recording it on video. This should not disqualify Snoopy from Microtransat until he is MUCH further west, nearer to the Microtransat Start Line. BUT PLEASE, DO NOT TAKE RISKS.
Peter's plot of Snoopy in Channel
The video of the launch above has been updated. Snoopy had been doing well for the first day or so, in the teeth of that strong wind from the east, of 25 mph gusting to over 35 mph. Early Friday morning he was east of Swanage and Studland, trying to go south east to his first "Channel" waypoint. It's amazing he was not blown by the wind onto the shore near Swanage.
Newsflash at 0220 BST Sunday: Words above updated. Click on right picture to expand: Snoopy's track since launch until 1710 BST ( 1610 GMT ) Saturday 29 June 2019. But remember, later live tracking is on the SPOT Trace map. updated every 5 minutes. Snoopy is halfway between Bournemouth and Cherburg, but not moving downwind as we would expect, particularly when the tide turns and there is little tidal current ( 0900 BST turns to west, 1500 to East, 2100 to West). Please DO NOT TOUCH THE BOAT if he is still at sea, but photos or video would be fantastic. WE NEED TO SEE IF SNOOPY STILL HAS BOTH SAILS UP OK. We might put your photos onto the new Snoopy's June 2019 Atlantic Attempt page, but will start with the Microtransat Google Group above. Snoopy did eventually get further south than 50.5 N, and the Autopilot Would have switched from "Channel" to the East, to "Weymouth" to the South West - and a nice, fast downwind route ! It seems this happened at 2127, with Snoopy going towards "Weymouth" with a following wind ! BUT see what happened at 2222 ! The tidal current was about 1.6 knots towards south west until it turned at about 0200 BST. Things look good for Snoopy but "very interesting", compared with earlier attempts ! :)
Details of Snoopy's aborted October 2018 Atlantic Attempt are now in section 5.11 below. In short: a fault was seen in the SPOT Trace tracker, and - despite perfect launch conditions - the attempt was cancelled. It was hoped that the SPOT fault had been fixed, by updating the firmware, but road testing showed we still had a problem. But, on 29th March 2019, the fault was eventually diagnosed as a poorly soldered power connection ! This was fixed, and the problem went. Details are in Blog7 .
Snoopy's launch window
Snoopy was ready for the 2019 Atlantic Attempt on Boat 11, when we had a suitable "weather window". We watch MagicSeaweed for FLAT surf and an offshore breeze. We also watch Winds Expected. Click on the picture to the right for a prediction of Atlantic winds.
Details are almost identical to that for 2018 . Weight is now 14.6 kg. Computer is Picaxe 28X2. Video can be that below from Monday 1st October 2018. New Microtransat Finish Line target Lat/Lon: 38.4853,-66.3933 , subject to verification. Snoopy's later waypoints and final destination are in the next section below: 3. Snoopy's route ... How long will it take ?

Snoopy has done better than that December 2017 Brief Attempt - but will he do better than that in 2015 ? :)
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Robin's rough hand drawn plot on paper, before we got nice pictures from Peter and Dick above :)
Hand drawn plot of Snoopy in Channel

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Snoopy's Brief Attempt of 15th December 2017
Youtube video of Bray Lake Test
Youtube video of 24/7 Bray Lake Test and Storm Callum
Hi Guys. Maybe the Royal Marines or someone else will win my "Snap Snoopy" International Competition: to get a good photo of him, from land, sea, air, or space. Snoopy's little Robot Boat was launched last Thursday 27th June from near Boscombe, and nearly hit Cherbourg, but is now in mid Channel. All is explained on my updated "Snoopy" page and I'll paste in an extract below.
Stay Safe
0350z (0450 BST) Tuesday 2nd July.

from Robin: Track Snoopy's boat on SPOT Trace map. Track my Car C4 GPS on SpotT2. Track Dick on SPOT Dick .
Snoopy sailed at 1010 GMT Thursday 27th June from near Boscombe Pier on his first 2019 attempt to reach the USA.
Snoopy's path has been strange since launch, coping with very strong winds, but sailing upwind. Now in mid Channel.
Explained by the front sail (Jib) loose ? e.g. broken string (sheet) ? But seemed OK seen by Dick on Monday 1st July. Snagged by plastic ?
We need detailed photos or videos ASAP, from land, sea, air, or space. e.g. to confirm sails OK. Robin's "Snap Snoopy" Competion :)
Snoopy's friend, the French Frog
See MagicSeaweed Bournemouth webcam, surf, and wind. See also Winds Expected. Winds light and variable from north for days.
Snoopy is criss-crossing the Poole/Cherbourg Ferry Route. See for other ships, their tracks, etc.
If this is your first visit to this "Snoopy" page, click on me or my Home page of know more about me and my family.
PRESS: See old Snoopy Press Release then LATEST NEWS BELOW . If you 'phone me, mention "0430 2nd July" so I know that you have :)

Aleksey's Sailing Saucer page
MicroMite Computer

Snoopy's GPS Guided Trans-Atlantic Robot Boat
This "Snoopy" page was updated at 0330z GMT/UT/GPS Time (0430 BST) on Tuesday 2nd July 2019.
Snoopy's Team-Joker friend, Woodstock , is testing technology for future years !
While Snoopy waits for weather, we experiment with other robot boats: See Eric's Model Boat page and Woodstock .
See American Toy Boat lands in Wales and Epsom College Trans-Atlantic robot boat .
See Aleksey's Sailing Saucer for some original thinking from Russia. See the MicroMite Computer - fantastic software from Australia, better than that for the Arduino. Our MicroMite Autopilots go into other robot boats.

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Some videos of Snoopy ...
Snoopy on BBCTV in 2012... the full story... 2014 & Snoopy boat history... 2015 Atlantic Attempt - Why Brighton ? :) ... Team-Joker - the old guys too busy to work :)
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Utube video
Utube video of Snoopy's 2012 Attempt on BBC TV
Utube video
Utube video
Utube video
Video of Boat 6 with compass steering
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