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As it was your first post I'll go easy. What part of minimum do you not understand. There is no margin for error.
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To give an idea how stringently the rules are applied, only last week a potential recruit was sent home from PRMC in Lympstone for weighing 64.1 Kgs.

If you dip under 65Kgs during recruit training, you can also be discharged.

Surely you can put on a couple of kilos before the medical? Just don't have a shit in the morning and you'll be fine.
The problem with the "full of shit option" is that some individuals carry it on for an entire career, not just the morning ablutions. :grin:

The "full bladder option" is easier to calculate - a litre of ogin weighs a kilo.
It's a fair one though, if you really are just under by a kilo, it's perfectly possible to make that up by downing a big bottle of ogin and scranning as much nose bag as possible just before you jump on the scales.

An average man size steak is 10 or 12 oz, which is about a third of a kilo. Scoff three of them before the weigh in and down a few pints and you'll be up to par.

See phyz doesn't have to be strenuous.

In all seriousness though, just get on the Complan and protein shakes etc. I once lost over a stone in 2 weeks (India, Delhi Belly), if that's possible, it should also be possible to put on a few kilos.

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