Royal Marines on South Georgia - 1982

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by nobby0919, Apr 15, 2009.

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  1. "I was ordered to surrender, but didn't know how to - it's not part of our training"

    Still brings a tear to my eye.

  2. Nice article
  3. Think that i will be purchasing that....
  4. True Royal Marine spirit,think I will buy it as well!
  5. Of all the coverage of the falklands campaign, this action has received the least publicity.
    I believe that Lt. Mills got the M.C. but I do not know if any of the troops got any awards.
    I will have to get the book to find out.
  6. Not sure about the troops? The pilot of the Wessex 3 call sign 406 LT/CDR Ian Stanley RN, who landed back on Hms Antrim with 17 plus kit ,was awarded the D.S.O. :salute:
  7. But was"nt this incident during the reconointering phase of the recapture of South georgia, the saved troops were SAS who had been landed by Wessex 5"s on a glacier, and when being retrieved during a whiteout the 5"s crashed. All saved by 406 . How the hell did they all get into a wessex 3??
  8. Well done the RM's...

    Didn't one of them put a hole through the sail of an Argie Sub ? Effectively putting it out of commission ? (unable to dive )

    Either way - a gutsy show !!
  9. Slightly off topic... 8O

    Story goes,Aden, way back in the '60's - 2 Para needing a casevac after a contact,asked by radio for an RAF chopper to send assistance - told that sand was too much of a problem for them to take off..

    ...overheard by RN chopper HQ,said; Give us your GR and stand by (!!!)

    RN chopper duly arrived... 8)

    Similarly in Aden - heard of RM's in choppers as door gunners giving Paras covering fire - all good stuff !! Well done and Ta..
  10. Wasps from Endurance and Plymouth firing AS12s under control of the Wessex 3
  11. South Georgia and Grytviken

    RM's in action -----------Damaged and brought down a Puma helo and its Argie marine invader passengers were very bdly shot up from small arms fire
    Argies landed two lots of forces

    The frigate Guerrico arrived in the 'harbour intending to supply covering fire to the Argie forces ---RM fire consisted of one hit below the waterline with a Carl Gustav missile and also achieved hits from 66mm anti tank projectiles which disabled the corvettes main armament [100mm gun]
    Guerrico withdrew

    Lt Mills after further fire fights with the landed Argie forces decided that the position was stalemate for his and the Argie troops and commenced negotiating a cease fire and peaceful settlement including terms for
    being shipped off the S.Georgia Island

    One RM casualty Corporal Peters -wounded in arm

    from RN and the Falklands War by Davd Brown

  12. Scouse/Greenie

    Thanks for correction - again (as someone said) very little of this in the Press - why ?
  13. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    To the RN sails are on on Yachts and Cousins Boats, the RN calls them Fins.
  14. Thanks :oops:
  15. Sante Fe in Grytviken :wink: The Warheads failed to detonate, when they hit the soft fibre skin. Still job done 8)
  16. I know the aimer, (LAcmn) who punctured the SM. He played a wicked game of Uckers too!!!!

    He's now a two and a half Observer.
  17. Endurance wasp was piloted by Lt/ Cdr Ellerbeck - my skipper on the Yarnton in 83

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