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Royal Marines Officer, help please.


Hi All,
Firstly let me take a moment to explain the whole situation!

Last year I recieved a Royal Air Force Sixth Form Scholarship (pilot), and after a years decision making I have decided that I would love to pursue a Career within the Marines instead.

I am interested in spending a few years as a regular RM Officer, then specialising as a Pilot.

Does anyone have any advice about this choice, or see anything that could jeopardise it??

Any help would be brilliant, thanks chaps.
Contact your nearest AFCO and talk to the RN recruiters. That's the best starting point. You may have to pay some money back to the RAF if you've claimed any that is.

Not sure you will be able to transfer, if you want pilot then you would be better to go for that, not RM officer.


Neil - Supermario


War Hero
Yep, Supermario is spot on.

The RAF may be a little miffed, granted, but you can become a rotary wing pilot within the Corps. There may even still be literally one or two RM fast jet pilots on loan with the USMC or Joint Force Harrier.

The only word of caution I'd offer is that you've a statistically better chance in the RN as a pilot, then become an All arms trained pilot than as an RM Commando Officer that then trains as a pilot. But, it can be achieved, albeit probably the hardest method of becoming a pilot.
Agree with Ninja_Stoker and Supermario; I would recommend the FAA approach. If you want to keep your flying hand in, nows the perfect time to join.


thanks all for your help, Im off down to 727 Sqn next week so I'l get some more info there,
Cheers :thumright:


If you're off to 727 then get yourself over to the frontline sqns and speak the the guys and girls. There might even be a booty pilot around to talk to, assuming they're not all deployed. Certainly 847 will have the odd one or two!!!


There was a Capt RM Fast Jet pilot (forget his name, sorry) kicking about RNSF(FW) at Yeovilton in October. I assume he is still there, try to hunt him down...
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