Royal Marines of 601 LCM Flotilla - July 1944

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by Bravo2nothing, May 14, 2007.

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  1. Gentlemen,

    Please excuse my excursion into the World of the Marine, I am normally found loitering on ARRSE, however, I do hope that some of you may be able to help me.

    My Wife's great Uncle sadly lost his life in July 1944 (Cpl Arthur Tidy) as part of 601 Flotilla. She's trying to find out information regarding what happened that sad day and if possible source a picture. We have the address of the Veterans Agency and will be writing to them soon.

    She was able to find his name on the CWGC website, see

    She's recently spoken to a Gentlemen (a military researcher apparently) but he's come across as a Walt and I have a suspicion that he's got other motives for his advice.

    In short, any guidance or advice that you could offer would be gratefully received and I thank you in advanced.
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  2. Hi Bravo,

    Was your relative lost in the Far East??

  3. No. It was an 'accident' in the loosest terms. The Landing Craft was making it's way back from France to the UK and was lost in a storm in the channel. That's about all we know at the moment.
  4. I found this n the Combined Ops site.might be a starting point.

    Contact sought with veteran Royal Marines who served with 601 LCM Flotilla in Normandy. I am keen to obtain a photograph of 601 as they were at that time. The photograph is sought on behalf of relatives of Corporal John Lorden and Marine William Goddard.....the latter being lost on July 21st 1944 when the men and craft of 601 were overtaken by a storm whilst returning to England. Marine Goddard was one of 28 men of 601 who were lost that day, Corporal Lorden was one of the survivors. If any veterans of 601 or relatives of men who served can assist I would be very pleased to hear from them. Tony Chapman
    Official Archivist/Historian, LST and Landing Craft Association (Royal Navy) 601%20LCM%20Flotilla
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  5. Thanks Andy - without insulting the man, his claims on this site aren't exactly the same as the email sent to my Wife.
  6. You might want to PM Golden rivet on here she currently works as a librarian for the IWM.Might be worth a stab?
  7. Hello,
    I found your post while looking for info on 601 Flotilla.
    Did you learn anything?

    My Uncle William Goddard was killed on 601 flotilla while returning to the Uk from the D day beaches when a storm hit on the night of 20/21st July 1944. His body was never found. I understand many lost their lives as most of the LCMs were lost. I belive there is a memorial at Itchenor harbour.

    Should you learn any more I would love to hear from you, or if you have any pics of 601. I do have a period photo of my Uncle I can post on the site should you be interested.

    I had dealings with the chap you mention. I think he meens well and was able to assist me. It takes all sorts.
  8. Like you JollyD I came across this post when researching into 601 Flotilla and was amazed to find your posting about william Goddard, as my uncle Peter Brookman was lost in the same incident. In fact both their names are listed as casualties under 'Copra', which I believe was the land base at which they were stationed rather than the name of the craft. (see link on 21st July.

    I'm not sure whether that means they were on the same craft or merely from the same base but certainly they would have known each other.

    I also believe that there is a memorial bench at the harbour at Itchenor remembering those who lost their lives, commisioned by an officer that survived the incident.

    Like you, should you learn any more I would love to hear from you, or if you have any pics of 601.
  9. In July 1944, HMS Copra was the name given to the Combined Ops Pay & Drafting Office at Southend. If you've had no joy with the LST & Landing Craft Association, I suggest you try Naval Historical Branch or the RN Museum Library, both in Portsmouth Naval Base. Contact details available here.
  10. Hi,
    I appreciate the significant number of years that have passed since the postings were made but I would like to bring to the attention of the contributors that my father,
    Leslie Skelton, now 92 years old was a member of 601 Flotilla. My father sailed to Normandy on D day aboard a requisitioned Thames barge. He was responsible for the maintenance of the landing craft ensuring their serviceable life went beyond the initial crossing of the Channel. Dad remained on the beaches for three weeks undertaking maintenance and also assisting with the clearing of the bodies of American soldiers that drifted in the water. Dad received the Legion D'Honneur from the French Ambassador in 2014.
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