Royal marines medical, pass or fail?

Hi everyone,
I've just started my Royal Marines application process, but I'm worried about the medical, I have one leg roughly 2cm shorter than the other, this is not noticable when I walk nor does this affect me in anyway(I run 30km a week)

Does anyone have a similar issue?Please all opinions valued.

Lower limb length discrepancy (LLLD) of 2 cm or less doesn't often result in any problems in my experience but I have known of matelots and marines with LLLD of no more than 2 cm developing something called functional scoliosis with attendant low back pain rendering them unfit for service.
It has been speculated that the heavy skeletal loading experienced in certain service roles may exacerbate the effects of LLLD on the spine and pelvis.
There again, I served standing by on Dreadnought in refit with a lad who had a marked LLLD which affected his gait so much that he was once locked up by a crusher on Cochrane after being accused of being drunk on duty. He wasn't, of course. He served his nine without any other problems.

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