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    During your interview there is a strong possibility that you will be asked a question that relates to the history of the Royal Marines. You will find that there is plenty of Royal Marines history information within your recruitment literature and it is important that you read it. Having a brief knowledge of the Royal Marines history shows the recruitment staff that you have a genuine interest in the achievements they have made over the years. The history of the Royal Marines stems back many years and there have been many amazing achievements throughout that time.

    1. At the end of the Second World War, what was the Royal Marines’ strength?

    2. Which war saw the battle for Port Stanley and Goose Green?

    3. What year saw the battle of Zeebrugge?

    4. During which years did the Seven Years War take place?

    5. Which war saw the Royal Marines win their fi rst 3 Victoria Crosses?

    6. What took place during the year 1841?

    7. Which is the only battle honour worn in the badge of the Royal Marines?

    8. How many men were in the ‘Admiral’s Regiment’?

    9. What year was the ‘Glorious First of June’?

    10. During which battle did the Royal Marines lose half their number?

    11. During the Second World War, which 3 German Ships did the Royal Marines fight against?

    12. Name two of the Victoria crosses and the date on which they were awarded.

    1. 80,000.

    2. Falklands War 1982.

    3. 1918.

    4. 1756 – 1763.

    5. Siege of Sevastopol 1854.

    6. The Capture of Canton.

    7. Gibraltar.

    8. 1200.

    9. 1794.

    10. Battle of Graspan.

    11. Graf Spee, Scharnhorst, Bismark.

    12. Any of the following:

    2nd November 1854 – Crimea, Cpl John Prettyjohn.

    5th June 1855 – Crimea, Bombadier Thomas Wilkinson.

    13th July 1855 – Viborg, Lieutentant George Dare Dowell.

    24th June 1900 – Peking, Captain Lewis Stratford Tollemache.

    1st May 1915 – Portsmouth, Lance-Corporal Walter Richard Parker.

    31st May 1916 – Battle of Jutland, Major Francis John William Harvey.

    April 1917 – Western Front, Major Frederick William Lumsden.

    April 1918 – Zeebrugge, Captain Edward Bamford.

    23rd April 1918 – Zeebrugge, Sergeant Norman Augustus Finch.

    3rd April 1945 – Lake Commachio, Corporal Thomas Peck Hunter.

    Hope this helps some people.

    All the best,
    Chicogiz (Luke)
  2. Answer for 5 should be the Crimean War 1853-56.
    Good little list though Chico, but you'd have to be Corps pished to know all that for your interview, still every bit helps, do you what to be a Drill Instructor?
  3. Why you said about drill instructor lol?
  4. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Quiz for you chico, the answers are available on RR if you use the search features.

    1. What unit was NZB in during the Falklands campaign
    2. Harrybosch served in two units during the Falklands war, what were they?
    3. What Assault Sqn was Blobbs in?
    4. Which of the above has approached your mum for sex?
    5. Who on RR is closely related to Creedley?

  5. Is 5 me? lol :threaten:
  6. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Make no4 write a written, sworn statement that you have fcuk all to do with me and we're talking.
  7. Chico, the answer to 10, should be of course, the Battle Against Labour's Defence Cuts 2009, which reduced the total strength of the RM from 2 to 1. In 2008 it had been rather bigger! ;)

    Some more booty questions whose answers are on RR...

    1) Which straight politician owes his life to a fellow Bootie who was subsequently discharged for not being straight?

    2) What is Yomping? (not to be confused with Bonking)

    3) What can your average Bootie do and still be able to do a six mile route march four hours later?

    4) Why is the green beret green?

    5) What is their Motto?

    6) Which member of the Royal Family couldn't hack it in the Marines?

    7) Why do booties hand in their brains when they join and only retrieve them upon discharge?

    And the question which you must be able to answer to be elibible to even be considered...

    VIII) In what British Colony might you encounter a Benny? (Clue: Blobbs and NZB lost their virginity there).

    9) Name a current MP (House of Commons, that is) that served in the RM?
  8. Thingy's quiz
    1) Paddy Pantsdown.
    2) Bimbling aimlessly
    3) Yard of Ale, kebab, shag a gronk and 10 minutes sleep in the back of a taxi (Gen I did it on a 5 mile run, honked up a bit at 4 miles though)
    4) Pusser got a job lot in 1941
    5) 'What's yours is mine and whats mines me own'
    6) GRRRrrrrrr Edward of the Norfolk Yeomanry.
    7) To get the chunky watch, the storeman will only give you it back on receipt of same at end of service. Mine was broken so storeman only gave me 1/2 back. :dwarf:
  10. The Victorian version of the Corps motto was "By 'orse, by tram"

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