Royal Marines guilty of boot attack on Afghan prisoner

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by finknottle, Apr 7, 2010.

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  1. Full Story Here.

    They were both sentenced at Nelson today and both dismissed the Corps.
  2. Mixed feelings on that one, I am not sure which side to take. I can emphasize with the marines but I can also appreciate that this is the wrong way of doing things.
  3. Everything in the press seems so clear cut. Was the bloke involved in IEDs ? . We lost 15 odd lads on that tour to IEDs . What would YOU do ?
  4. Distant yet distinct echoes of Byng/Voltaire/Candide:

    ....pour encourager les autres....
  5. I have been reliably informed that in all probability he was, you will have seen that he has now disappeared after being handed over to the Afghans. Even though the wife and I don't know either of the men in question personally she was in tears today, they were a mixture of anger and sadness.
  6. Finknottle a good post. Mine was actually watered down. I was in volvef in the repat of the 3 royals killed just before Christmas 2008. I was in Kandahar for a week and I got shafted( turned out to be an honour ) to look after the coffin on 1 royal on the herc between bastion and Kandahar. Later on in the tour I lost 3 mates in 2 incidents involving IEDs , the only crime committed here was the two royals were caught. Some ******* snake sat in Bastion involved the RMP. It makes me sick .
  7. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    A terribly sad affair from the moment it came to light & extremely difficult to even begin to understand what has now been gained by anybody.

    One wonders whether the courts feel it's appropriate to track down the alleged bomber/killer & award compensation, paid from the dismissed servicemen's pension & lost wages or perhaps the unpaid wages of those servicemen he may have killed.
  8. All emotion aside, perhaps discharging these two was overly harsh, but it's a short road between giving someone a smack and Abu Ghareb. We are a civilised nation with civilised Armed Forces personnel, you can't let your anger take over or you have the death of a prisoner or seriously bad publicity on your hands that can adversely affect what is trying to be achieved.

    That said, I have no idea how I would react in that situation and my comments above are from the comfort of home.
  9. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Yep, your comments do indeed make sense MLP.

    My thoughts are that troops involved in the action are not ideally placed to be looking after former adversaries, who moments before were trying to kill each other. I thought that's why non-combatant troops were supposed to take-up the reins of prisoner handling without leaving the person unguarded.
  10. They were probably waiting for said prisoner handlers to turn up, if they were still IVO Sangin at the time of the incident I doubt they had any with them.
  11. Prisoner handlers??? Never heard of them monty. Best not chat about this topic online
  12. What was so important that the RMPs had to walk away?, lets be honest, in that situation '' call it a moment of madness'' they have a suspect thats related to the IED threat, that has no doubt killed of injured other frontline people, tempers do flare. Yes i know its wrong at the end of the day, but it seems to me the court dont take any emotions, feelings etc that a solider goes through. To them its just black and white. Getting kicked out is a bit too OTT dont you think ?
    No doubt he will be living in some fancy house in London in the next few months.
  13. RMP to take him away is what I'm getting at.

    I have every sympathy with the two Royals, but we are trained in the Geneva convention and despite the fact that the enemy do not abide by it, we do.
  14. At the end of the day, you are right there.
  15. BBC states that the prisoner was being guarded by a RMP person
    who had to leave the prisoner in 'a tent' she handed over the security of the prisoner to the Marines in the mean time.

    As for the CM verdict for the two RM's ---not impressed .Two guys lives now in pieces .

    The Afghani person obviously had no lasting injuries and wasn't present
    to give any evidence against the two Marines so it was all done on hearsay or possible 'in house ' reports on injuries the prisoner had recieved since being captured. Apparently he was roughed up when he was captured initially .

  16. What a big load of the PC brigade at their worst.
    I am not a bootneck groupie by any means. But FFS they have been hung out to dry.
    Maybe a disrating at worst. but to be kicked out. It f'cking stinks big style.
  17. I was told that when a Marine fcuks up, the Marines deal with it internally, and that's just how things were dealt with, and it kept everyone in-line. This seems to be quite the opposite indeed!
  18. A sad shame. As has been said this isnt what should be going on. But have the guy been tortured? is he dead? was he tht badly injured he coudnt escape?
    A strongly worded bollocking and career check would have been a better idea. Was is shit people need to realise this.
  19. I'd skipped ahead a few posts while waiting for the news item to upload and had thought "Some numpty 19 year old GD Mnes out on their arrses, silly sods! (For getting pinged!)".
    After reading a few posts I opened the link and found it was a Captain and a Sergeant WTF!!
    A few questions.
    1)What the feck was the female RMP doing while away?
    2)Why was an Ossifer and SNCO put in charge of a prisoner? Surely a Marine or 2 should have been detailed off. (I don't like to surmise too much, but this got my spidey senses twitching more than a little.)
    3)Although I sympathise with their loss of a job over giving some suspect scrote a slap or two with a Wellington boot (?? What no Roll Mats available.), surely men of this rank should have the common dog to realise that a bit of rough justice was probably,
    A)Not a good idea as it could lead to this end,
    B)Is not a good winner of hearts and minds when it gets out and it always does.
    C) A bit above their age and rank.
    A very sad day for all involved.
  20. Whilst I agree with your comments, I would add that if Terry wants to stay alive and well he should try staying away from IEDs and if he wants to fight try to observe the relevant conventions and international law. The risk of a slapping will be considerably reduced.

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