Royal Marines Commandos then and Now

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by old45marine, Sep 23, 2007.

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  1. Hi All

    You should all check out the Royal Marine Commandos now and then on U Tube .The creator Mr John Smith wrote created this video, from a large selection of old clips (documentaries) of the Marines in World War 2 and modern day clips.

    I hope you can appreciate it, as much as I do.

    Dedicated to all the Marines, whom served, and still serve today.

    I promise you will not be disappointed I thought it was very good indeed

    Just click on the link below it will take you there
  2. Excelent....and a good sound track
  3. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Very good,
    But............ could you refrain from multiple posting in several forums, this is probably the most appropriate so I will endeavour to have the others removed :thumright:
  4. Cheers oppo, nice touch and shows that there hasnt been much change in the training since WW2.


    Ex RMR/42CDO
  5. Opps

    Sorry Shippers.. :notworthy: I am new to this site so did'nt know. I have posted in RMR also but that should be ok I think
  6. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    No problem, it's only because it tends to block up the frontpage, if the other mods don't get around to removing them in the next couple of hours (by which time they will have shifted down off the page) it won't really matter.

    I've PM'd you.

    Good Vid though :w00t:
  7. Ya cheers Nutty

    It would seem the only thing that has changed are the weapons,,,,,and the fact that they used live rounds on Royal back then ..

    Steve RM 28570 1970 1979
  8. Great video, intresting watch
  9. Steve - Nice touch that you used your RM 28570 number and not that numpty PO 28570 etc etc.

  10. See my dit in Naval History - I ain't repeating it here!
  11. Toooo Right Bergen

    I was RM28570 when I joined 929 Troop Oct 1970 the same when I joined 9 troop Zule Company 45..And best of all I have RM28570 on my NI GSM.

    Everyone hated the change to PO it just did not sound or look right.

  12. Safewalrus

    Hi shippers I will paste it over for you ..thanks for the post

    Nicely put together even if some of the modern pictures were'nt actually Royals (few doubts about some of the older ones too) But they were all COMMANDOES and that's what matters. Bloddy well done! BZ
  13. how good was that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. awesome, makes me proud to be a bootneck. its a shame that what the veteren in the interview said about the youth of today doing exactly what they did if the situation arose was sadly wrong, i very much doubt that our country's chavs, hoodies and benefit scroungers would step up to the mark and make the sacrifices that these men did years ago.
  15. Well done old45 I havent seen that one before it brought back great memories, great mates,great days.
    RM 19315
  16. Thanks Oppo
    It is very well put togeather
  17. This video brought back many memories, I did the course at Gibraltar Camp, Towyn, North Wales in 1945. The main difference was we only got 3/- (15 pence) per day! Anybody with memories of the Assault course still around, especially the tunnel full of mud, with 69 grenades popping off all around.

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