Royal Marines Capture Taliban 'HQ'

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by rosinacarley, Jan 11, 2007.

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  1. This has not been widely publised

    from MOD website

  2. Way to go, Royal!
  3. Good job lads. Stay safe

  4. From the article
    "The first of two compounds was targeted by BRF snipers before the building was attacked from the air and destroyed. Troops then switched attention to a second building which was also destroyed by the air support."

    BZ Royal
    But being a pedandic bugger, surely there's a bit of a difference between "capturing" & "blowing the feck out of using bombs"
  5. Job done, no booties killed, who cares!!
  6. Bet there's going to be a lot of dissapointed Taliban when they find out that they do not qualify for a place in heaven or the virgins!
  7. Well done boys! You'll probably get a tele call from Bliar once it's on the news!
  8. Well done to the RM, hope you all stay safe and come home soon.
  9. am so proud to be a former royal, god bless 'em all

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