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Royal Marines and the Mail on Sunday

I was drawn to this forum by a post in a biker's forum. That lead me to the ARRSE forum, ( ) and the following articles:

Mail on Sunday -
(basically accusing Booties of resting on their, ahem, laurels)

Telegraph -
(reporting on a fire fight Royals were involved in a coupla days after the Mail article)

My response to the Mail (just in case they don't publish it)
"You reported so many observations of serving Royals, which clearly spelled out that British Forces are achieving their objectives, whilst their physical conditions are being improved.
You managed to deduce from those observations that the Royals are having a holiday. Perhaps you have an axe to grind about Marines?
"also blame the recent festival of Eid, which marks the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, for the lack of action."
Eid might be a reason for a lack of "action", but I seriously doubt anyone is laying "blame".

perhaps you need to spend more time actually on patrol with these guys - and maybe live for a while in a basic bivvie to experience the down to earth existence you so obviously feel they should be enduring."

p.s. Original thread was
What a load of crap.

The Soldier pictured is part of 16 AAB and not 3 Cdo Brigade

This festival shoite (part of ramadan) was expected to be a "quiet" period for troops on the ground, regardless of which unit they were from. even though it aint that quiet!!

An increase in the likelyhood of suicide bombers, has temporarily reduced vehilce movement from the camp. Most work is now done via helis (all three of them"" :) )

Is anybody naieve enough to believe that Royal actually wants to be sitting doing fck all in camp, instead of out doing the business and kicking the sh*t out of these bstrds - especially after the pounding that 3 PARA BG gave them.

The article is full of errors - far too many to even start pointing out!!! Poor journalism!!

Watch this space - The Bootys are going to have a busy tour. Good luck lads and stay safe.
Bloody Journos - bunch of back stabbing B@stards!!!!

One minute they're supposedly fighting for our OWP and the next they're saying that we life the high lilfe. Apart from the obvious need for them to get stuck in with the boys to see what it is they're really going through, they would do well to pick a position on something and stick with it. All this flip-flopping backwards for forwards on issues is designed simply to keep stories alive and sell more papers.

Burn the lot of em I say and I don't mean the paper. :evil: :evil: :evil:


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