Royal Marine University Bursary Applicant Training Diary

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by GNG, Apr 4, 2013.

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  1. GNG


    Hi guys,

    would post this on the PRMC forum but I just don't understand the new site and I've been locked out for failed logins!?! Anyway, as the thread suggests, this is my training diary. I've tried to keep it as clean of personal details as possible (PERSEC).

    Have a read, I've only done two days so far, would be interested to see what you think / get some feedback!

    This is the link, Training for Marine Selection Process


  2. If you were a woman the men would ask this, so as to alieviate sexism i have to ask: do you have a photo?

    In seriousness i had a look and your regime seems solid, made me feel worn out looking at it! The post recovery snacks are of interest to me as i often find me muscles in tatters after pushing myself in the gym and always wondered if better nutrition would help.
  3. GNG


    No photo yet actually will have to work on that one!

    I think that the post recovery snacks are important because that's when your body most needs something considering that through cardio and circuits you will end up burning whatever you have eaten + some fat reserves. I go for the flapjack because my rugby club has literally hundreds floating round so I pick them up there, to be honest the most important thing is getting some food. I wouldn't pay for POST workout nutrition, if I didn't get the free bars I would go for a brown bread chicken sandwich with a bit of mayo / butter. That's just as good, but much bigger.

    Pre-workout supplements are a different story, they give you something that a good diet cant, a specific pump through the workout. I'd go for some caffeine pre-workout and a sandwich after!
  4. It's a little hard to give decent feedback on two days, my personal thoughts are that a "diary" is for personal use, a blog is for "look at me". OMM may have some tips for you though, he's another "blog-ist". ;)
  5. GNG


    Completely agree with you there, I was hesitant to write it but I think in the end it would be worth it and hopefully other people can read it and find something of use. I think as long as its an honest account its a good tool for other people in the same situation, but I certainly see what you mean :)
  6. Yeah i don't take any of the post workout supplements just because they're fiendishly expensive and i don't want to get too used to them. I tend to have a banana or peanut butter on wholewheat bread and some milk, but my muscles aren't having any of it! Only tends to be after circuits or boxfit (haha) so not too worried, just look a bit wierd walking like john wayne and worried about injuries.

    Yeah i think photos of your body improving each week would be beneficial to us in assisting you with advice :==)
  7. How do you perceive YO training, and how have planned your regime to prepare you for it, and what are your aspirations within the Corps?
    Yes I have been wondering for a bit, how to give you any feed back.
  8. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Good effort. I'm guessing you "understand" the new site now?

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  9. GNG


    I'm hoping to attend POC at the end of June. I am just training towards the fitness tests detailed in the briefing notes. I am hoping to gain the university bursary for three years starting in September. Good point, I will include all of that in the welcome page!.
  10. GNG


    Yeah opened up a new account and I must have managed to un-click the RM forum before as I can now see the Commando forum!! Sorry about that one.
  11. What's the difference between the two? =D
  12. GNG


    No difference, I just like to be elusive ^_~
  13. Obviously. I almost overlooked you skulking in the shadows.....:thumbup:

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