Royal Marine training

Not a Royal although I spent enough time with them on the Vic and various gunnery training.
question is:
Watching recent programmes on the marine course I noticed a few foreign servicemen taking part.
Dutch,Swedish etc but I noticed a couple of US marines.
How did they do?I saw a couple drop out but I thought the US marines had their own very tough course,so why are they taking RM training over here and it looked like the full course but I could not be sure.
Just wondered.
As SF says. When I was training recruits there was a USMC Sgt on one of the training teams. He got his green lid through the AACC (All Arms Cdo Cse). A number of them have completed the course, and of course they always send their very best guys ie the ones that can run long distances with kit rather than being able to bench press a Bradley FV.
In the early 1990's we had a USMC major attached to our unit who got his green lid with the troop in front of me.

He was last seen running around the endurance course with a bunch of USMC bods doing the water obstacles still wearing his beloved lid bless him!!

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