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I was hoping to get help with situation I have just found myself in..I have completely missed an email regarding an invitation to attend a RMAD and it’s dated for tomorrow.
I didn’t know what it was till I read it and I really want to go.

I’m kicking myself that I missed the email because I have to confirm my attendance prior to actually attending.

Is it worth calling them tomorrow and asking if I am still able to come? Or, will it better that I attend a different date?



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I wouldn't fret too much.

If available, over 18 and able to attend tomorrow, rock-up with your signed imndeminty form and kit as advertised. Worst case scanario: "Sorry, not on the list".

If unable to attend, just reply to the email.

An RMAD is "nice to do", not essential.

PS: Cheers @soleil for the heads-up.
Thank you Ninja, I’m worried about looking like a fool and having that reflect on my application. But, if I can take part then brilliant!

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