Royal Marine Recruiting/Training/Queries In here.


This is my second and last attempt to create a useful thread for those people interested in joining or transferring to the Royal Marines.

If you have any queries please look through old threads to see if they have already been covered (it's likely that they have), if not then please feel free to ask away.

For serving and former members please try to answer queries helpfully and be factually correct, no-one is interested that in 1963 you had to wear green string undies and blanco your webbing daily.

Any posts that don't fit the bill will be deleted without question (when I get time). This includes the blatant bite inducing posts ie: is it true that Para training is easier than RM training.

Be sensible, everyone has to start somewhere.
you might struggle with an irish background, also RM officers are expected to have a grasp on spelling and punctuality,( I dont, never was an ociffer) provided your allowed to enlist you can always apply for an AIB after you have done basic training.


I am currently an undergraduate at Warwick university and I am seriously considering a carrer in the Royal Marines. I am more interested in joining as a Royal Marine Commando, as opposed to an officer, as the lifestyle seems to be more in line with what it is that I am after in a job. I was just wondering whether many graduates apply for this position; would I be somewhat of an oddity? Ultimately, considering the fact that to be a commando no formal educational qualifications are neccasary, do you come across many commandos who have a good degree from a good university.
Any comments would be much appreciated.
Thanks, H.S.


Is 28 too old to join the Royal Marines?

I know the age limit is in the thirties, but do they take on many recruits at the upper end of the age limit?
Nope Stan, As long as you can hack the training you are welcome in HM Royal Marines. I'm 24 and in the process of applying myself. Also starting with a RMR Holding Troop and one of the guys who also wants to be a regular is 28. Age is more of an issue when it comes to officers.


Hello, Firstly I'd like to say hi to everyone on this forum.

Secondly, I have been considering joining the marines ( not as an officer)
Bascially I'm 15, 16 On May 20th And Can Leave School on the 31st May.
I Am About 11 and a half stone, 6 foot, And of a ( i would say) below average fitness level, I have recently applied for a gym membership and i can go to it starting tuesday. I am seeking advice, and i was wondering am i just a dreamer for thinking i can get fit in time, ive been to a careers office and they gave me a booklet which basically told me ( indirectly of course...) that you must be super fit. I love the idea of travelling, making friends for life, and also the training and experiance you can get in the marines which you just cant get anywhere else. I am completley determined to do this and to be honest, my life has really been messed up lateley, i wanna show people i can be something and do something worthwhile, i would rather die than sit at a desk 9 to 5 ( work experiance taught me that) and Will do literally all the training and prepation i possbily can, I am just seeking Proper advice which would help me just pass the PRMC and if i get that, my fitness level should be a gradual level to build on for the actually training course, So, Was wondering if someone could PM me or message here about what exactly what to do and for how long. all help is appreicated, thanks alot guys, sorry for the long post :X



Hi there,
Thanks for the feedback concerning graduates who are not officers, it comes as a reassurance. Most people think I am a bit mad for wanting to join the Royal Marines and not pursuing a commission after working my arse off for three years trying to get a good degree.
I have a chat at the careers office booked for this week and if all goes ahead A.S.A.P anyone got any idea how long until I can be doing my PRMC? I finish university in June and hope to be in training as soon as possible (assuming I pass PRMC of course, but hey, you got to believe you can do it or their is no point applying). Thanks.

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