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I'm looking into my grandfather's service history in the Royal Marine Light Infantry and later Royal Marine Police. He joined up in 1908 as a Greenwich schoolboy and left in 1932. I have his service record (a particularly bad copy admittedly) which shows he spent most of ww1 on HMS Duke of Edinburgh before joining the 4th Bn for the Zeebrugge raid in 1918.

Other than the service record, what else can you find out from the national archives? I found the FAA museum holds a lot of RMLI records in the form of attestation packs which are well worth getting hold of. In my grandfather's case there was a school report from Greenwich, sign-up and discharge papers, conduct reports, QMs and medical reports.

At the bottom of the service record, there is a RM police number. Anyone happen to know whether there were any significant records kept? I've contacted the Royal Military Police museum in Fareham for any info. I believe this was a popular thing for ex Marines to do after their service in the 30s. Somebody posted a similar question back in 2010 here but then allegedly found some records...

Thanks in advance.



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Matt, Have you made any progress on this? It might be worth getting the service record held by Kew if your copy isn't very clear.

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