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Evening Ladies and Gents,

Well I have been sitting and pondering about this for a while as a future career choice for me, but I have an issue; would I have a greater chance of passing officer selection procedures if I have been to University? Not on the fact of I would have a degree but on maturity and "life experience".
I am currently in my first year of A-Levels, so there is no great haste in my decision making, but I am not overly keen on the idea of going to University especially because of the costs and dept that follows.

Also, would a career as a Royal Marines Officer be a good career if I was to later choose to leave the Royal Marines and become a civilian Police Officer?

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Have alook at some of the threads on the corps section quite a few people have all ready asked this and there is some good advice on them
I am not sure, I have been told that the Navy (and therefore Marines) like 'em young, because if you make a long-term career out of it, they have you for longer.

Best person to speak to I would say is a Royal Marines Careers Officer.


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I think that my thoughts on education are well known on the site. If you want to go to university then study for a worthwhile degree (not media studies or other mickey mouse degree). While service as a Royal Marine officer will undoubtedly prove useful in most occupations a good degree added to this will improve your employment prospects.
Universities close to home means that you can remain living with your parents and hopefully keep your debts low. You will of course miss out on that part of student life which comes of living on your own. This you can make up for once your degree has been completed and you join the Royal Marines.
It used to be possible to be sponsored by the armed forces if the degree you were taking was one which they wanted. Now is the time to enquire about this and perhaps use this to your advantage.
best of luck with whatever decision you make.


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Swings and roundabouts tbh

There are opportunities for both grads and non-grads in the service, the main issue nowadays being that degrees are ten-a-penny so the proportion of non-grad entry is getting quite low. You have to perform very well at AIB to make up the difference.

The main limitation as a non-grad would be getting onto some of the more interesting courses mid career, which tend to be at Masters level, but that really depends on the direction you'd want to take.

Personally I would advocate getting a sensible degree, you can do the AIB early and perhaps get bursary support or join the RNR/ RMR whilst you study to bring in some income.

In terms of the future usefulness of the career, the skills you get a pretty extensible in most fields although if you opted for the police you'd probably find that service as an RM Officer would get you onto a fast-track scheme.

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