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Royal marine officer interview?


Hey, I have my interview tomorrow, I have learnt All I can on the royal marines history, All the training and all the rest of it. I am confident I can answer most questions on it... but, I have heard now they ask about Navy history, ships, subs and all the specs for these. Am bricken it guys, I have a day too learn this. What should I do, apart from hammer the Royal Navy website.


Lantern Swinger
There's a well nice MoD guide on the ships in the fleet on the amazon site... but if you've got your interview tomorrow you may find something down the local library that could help you?

Good luck mate :)


War Hero
letthecatoutofthebag said:
I take it this is not your AIB but your first appointment with a Careers' Officer? If so, then chill, you will not be expected to know everything at this time. It will be more than just a casual chat but I very much doubt you'd be expected to detail all of Admiral Benbow's victories or Jackie Fisher's reforms of the early 20th Century.

Spot on.

Chill, be yourself. The idea of the Sift interview is to determine your eligibility suitability & your preparedness to undergo POC & AIB.

Your weaker areas, if any, will be identified & the appropriate remedial action recommended together with a suggested realistic timescale to achieve your aim.

Good luck, be smart, be early & you have just ticked the first two boxes!

The link below (training for the RM) may help.
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