Royal Marine fined for loyalty

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Pongo080, Feb 14, 2008.

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  1. I thought you Boot Necks should see this. :cussing:


    Royal Marine fined for loyalty


    I was fined for showing pride in my regiment

    Feb 11 2008 by Tina Miles, Liverpool Echo

    A RETIRED Royal Marine has been fined by police for showing loyalty to his regiment.

    Grandfather-of-two David Horlick had a Marine replica badge printed on his car number plate to recognise his service with the Royal Naval School of Music. But the 74-year-old was reduced to tears when two officers gave him a fixed penalty ticket outside his Walton home.

    They told the widower he had to remove the illegal plate bearing the insignia of the Marines and pay the £30 fine, or go to court. Mr Horlick said: “I didn’t think I was doing anything wrong. I wanted the replica badge on the number plate because my late wife Connie was very proud of the fact I was a Royal Marine.

    “I had seen Liverpool and Everton supporters put their badge on their car registration plates, which is understandable. As an ex-Royal Marine I wanted my badge there.

    “I paid the fine and removed the plate, but I feel hard done to.†Police said the officers were following strict regulations, and registration plates were allowed to display only “an acceptable international symbol or flag.â€

    Acting Inspector Steve Hardy of the roads policing department, said: “Merseyside police prides itself on setting and maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and quality of service.

    “We understand this gentleman’s frustration and we will of course look into the reasons behind this decision, but according to the regulations registration plates are only permitted to display an acceptable international symbol or flag.

    “By ensuring every road user abides by the law it then allows the technology we have to work more efficiently.â€

    Government laws established in October allow only “an acceptable international symbol or flag.â€

    Number plates can include a European Union symbol, Union flag, Scottish Saltire, Cross of St George or Red Dragon. The law bans football crests.

    [email protected]

    I'm seeing this fella ( David ) in about an hour from posting this, so if there are any messages....
  2. What a load of shite. If a muslim put a cresent moon on his car they wouldnt do a thing. The police officers just wanted an easy catch and this shows that the fuzz have no respect for the real services.
  3. Much as I sympathise, this poor chap was painfully ignorant of the law. The regulations are pretty clear:

    Otherwise, where would you draw the line? I wouldn't want to see the floodgates opened for swastikas, CND symbols, religious tokens, V-signs or company logos so the only answer is a law that applies to everyone without fear or favour. I do think a caution would have been more appropriate though.
  4. I have seen exactly 15 cars since first reading this, 3 with football club logos (MUFC ffs), 4 with manufacturers logo on the number plate, so that makes nearly 50% (46.6666%) of them illegal
  5. Of course, he didn't stick to the rules. Take into consideration that these rules have been written by jobsworths with too much time on their hands and a diktat from government that they have to raise as much money from the motorist as possible and it all makes sense.

    It wouldn't have cost the police jobsworths a brass farthing just to say to this chap "Mate, that's against the rules, get it sorted".
  6. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    not to mention the dozens with illegal spacing and typefaces..
  7. Wonder what the reaction would have been if it had been a Liverpool or Everton supporter with a club badge on the Number plate he had picked up for the same offence, there again probably not got the ball to do it.
  8. I read once of a number plate expert (wtf!) who had a personalised plate with unusual spacing. He was pulled over by the police, who proceeded to inform him of the law, and issue him a compliance notice. He then demonstrated that his number plate fell within the limits set, but that theirs did not, ripped up their paperwork and dared them to take him to court.
  9. Ex Royal Marine reduced to tears? Tell them to eff off and possibly put the boot in perhaps, but tears? Surely they have got the story wrong? :dwarf:
  10. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Ex Bandie mate, probably tears of frustration at the way the coppers are turning into petty minded beurocrats with left leaning tendancies.
  11. Update.
    I've just met the gentleman for the first time and had a good chat with him.
    Interesting to note that the same two rossers turned up two days later to 'inspect' the plates, also to mention that on his windscreen was a parking permit showing his address and that the car was parked outside of his house at the time the ticket was produced. So they could have warned him off as suggested by some, instead of issuing the tickets as they did.
    To me, they were clearly fulfilling their targets.

    I'm not anti plod BTW but this incident pissed me off no end.
    What jacked him off was that with all the more serious crime going on in the area they choose to spend their time on easy targets such as him, cars in his street get vandalised on a regular basis by the same 'yoofs' yet, nothing gets done.

    BTW an ARRSER's footing the fine. :thumright:
  12. Britain,a country worth fighting and dying for.Not
  13. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I'll chuck in a fiver so they old boy can can have a pint and forget about the two jobsworths.

    Fcuking bone idol idiots, obviously no crime in Liverpool today then........ :roll:
  14. Plates have to be manufactured by registered people. Surely these manufacturers should know the regulations and refuse to make number plates which do not comply with the law.
    Time to fine the plate makers instead of the users.
  15. Slim, that crossed my mind as well. The scuffs do themselves no favours by these bone actions. This has certain similarities with the "political correctness" Thread.

    I really feel sorry for the bloke. Not quite the same thing but the MoD Plod once chased me from Box village to Copenacre Depot because of my number plate irregularity. I had silver on black plates on my elderly, but not elderly enough, Rover Truck. They passed me in the opposite direction, clocked the plate, carried on to a place to turn round, chased me and caught me up; and I was doing bloody 60! They didn't "book" me for it but did make me take a certificate (not free!) from an MoT Centre to Bath cop shop to prove that my wagon had been made legal. If he really was "in tears" I expect it was through red rage and frustration.
  16. What transpired from the conversation that I had with him, was, that he has also recently lost his wife, so that makes it somewhat connected as from what the article indicated, his Mrs was proud of his background and I suggest there is a subliminal link between what 'we' see as just a badge and what 'he' connects it with.
  17. 'It allows our technology to work more efficiently' said the acting whoever he is.
    Are we all now slave to this spy mentality, a small badge not allowed to interfere with the powers that be spying on our private property?
    A rule or law is simply that, it doesn't have to be sensible or worthwhile.
    The officers that gave the man the fine should be ashamed of themselves and the acting whoever should take a reality check.
  18. Update gents

    Ive just had a phone call from our Mr Horlick ( The ex royal )
    He received a letter this morning containing a cheque to cover his fine.
    I'm not sure whether it came from ARRSE or R.R. but either way he's chuffed to bollocks, I do know it was from a serving member of the forces BTW so won't name him. :thumright:

    Having seen the error of his ways over this heinous offence he'd now like to purchase one of those rear window sticky thingies, so, where can he get one chaps?

  19. Ye Gods have the nut cutlet eating tree huggers even managed to infiltrate that bastion of the right, the Freemasons lodge.
  20. The police would be better employed knocking the burberry baseball caps of the thick heads of the scumbag yobbos instead of worrying about a number plate. What ever happened to the mutual respect between the cops and military? Probably a couple of knobbers who joined the police out of a fear that they might get called up for military service.

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