Royal Marine Engineer Commando

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by nasch, Jun 26, 2006.

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  1. Further to my spotter-ish explanation on why 3 Cdo Bde is so called (see here), I discovered in the same reference (*) that there was apparently a Royal Marine Engineer Commando. Google doesn't seem to be throwing anything up - anyone know any more or have any links / references, please?

    (*) p28, Chappell M, Army Commandos 1940 - 45 (Osprey, Oxford, 1996)
  2. you could try looking in a book called "By sea and land" Author Robin Neillands (ISBN 0-00-637259-7) there is also a reference in the back to a book by Julian Thompson titled No picnic: 2 Commando Brigade in the Falklands War. I know the Falklands was not a war but a conflick but that is the title of the book. These books may be of some help.
  3. 59 CDO RE were based at Crownhill or Seaton Barracks til not too long ago and 29 CDO RA are still in Plymouth at the Citadel. There may be more but I'll need to check
  4. There are some references to RM Engineers killed in the Great War whose details clearly note 'RM Engineer.' However, there seems little available in literature/Internet to study. But it is a fair bet, if the RMs were fielding Machine Gun Units, Labour Corps and things like Howitzer Regiments, they must have had Engineers.

    Have a look here:
    I have managed to dig this referance up if its any help
  5. :roll: :roll: Royal Marine engineers Formation patch.
    A yellow seven flamed grenade,set on a red fouled anchor,set on a dark blue shield.Aye JR :roll:
  6. Many thanks Lesbryan - very interesting document, and am tempted to buy the book it comes from (Ladd JD, The Royal Marines 1919-2000)

    For those who can't be bothered to read the whole thing but are interested in this thread, the main RM Engineer paragraph is quoted below:

    bootneck54 - do you know anything about the history of that flash? Is it something that AEs wear on No 1s, or is it a WW2 flash?
  7. 59 Cdo left Seaton Barrack's in 96 to relocate to RAF Chivenor in North Devon , after hav'ing spent a fortune in double glazing the whole camp along with Coypool , the Seaton site is now a Medical & Technoligy Park & in no way resembles what it was once was , no building's remain at all from the original camp , :roll: :lol:
  8. Yep that is a standard Military Contact.
    1. Build new Accomadation for SRts/JRts & or fit double glazing to every building in sight.
    2. Close/Sell site & close/pull down all buildings.
    3. Make plans to fit double glazing in buildings at Establishments where Matelots have been freezing to deah for 30 years.
    4. Fit double glazing.
    5. 6 months later go to para 2 again.

    See HMS Cochrane, Portland Snr Rts, HMS Dryad.............anymore :evil:
  9. I'ts a Fxxxxxxxxg blank cheque Is'nt it , happen's in every single Government Department , it's a joke realy and we the poor old tax payer pick up the tab :twisted: :evil:
  10. Doesn't look as though the above link works.

    Found it through a Yahoo search on Royal Marines Engineer Commando

    'RM Engineer Commando: This unit provided demolitions and assault engineers for the Normandy invasion Mine-Clearing, demolition and other work was also undertaken. These units eventually developed into todays RM Assault Engineers.'

    Also mentions a Plymouth Argyle Batallion!

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