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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Jehovah, Aug 22, 2009.

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  1. I'm developing a collection of articles on the how we all fit together (being a member myself, TA, so no I'm not RMR or RMC), anyone out there care to answer a few of my questions on the Royal Marines, as in put it in plain english Embarassed

    Its taken some serious homework, i.e the RMC have been around longer than the "commandos" of WW2, they were one of the pieces, along with the army commandos, SAS and SBS Smile

    The project already has a code name "Jigsaw", bulk of the content is on the Army but I felt that the bootnecks should get a mention along with the RAF gunnies Very Happy

    I'm writing a small "questionnaire", if any of you would care to fill it in and email it back would be most appreciated, along with any pictures of exercises (persec will be respected i.e eyes blacked out).

    The content of these questionnaires will be dissected to give the most plain english answers to readers and who knows, perhaps it may even encourage most applicants.

    Cheers fellas, just drop me PM or on this thread...

    Off topic who the hellis this nails guy anyway!?
  2. 1st bone question, is there a difference between a Royal Marine and a Royal Marine Commando, or is it the same thing
  3. Of ferkin course there is measured in the old imperial system, i.e 6ft 2 eyes of blue..the latter is metric i.e. 1metre 88cms and fu*k all rythms with that... simples
  4. STAB remember ;) I'm not 1 Rifles :D
  5. No but you are a cnut though!!! :roll:
  6. Up your a$$ :D
  7. wow best you can do then eh!!
  8. sorry I can't think of an insult stupid enough for you.
  9. Wow insult stupid enough for an N.I and falklands vet..hmm perhaps someone working with 3 BDE might have learnt a bit of respect by now. Tell you what just admit your nails in another guise and be done eh!!!
  10. Careless use of wording, as in being a Rifleman myself AND with 1 Rifles attached to 3 Commando brigade, not trying to insinuate myself as being with 1 Rifles... psssshhh...
  11. This fecker is so stupid I hate it when the kids are off school
  12. Oh please don't tell me your one of the fellas who will usually sit in the corner with a single malt waffling on about his deployments?
  13. Who said it was me, read it again throbber as i was 8 when the falklands kicked off.
  14. Who said I was insulting 3 Commando brigade anyway? That was directed at you seeing as how you've been nothing but a total cnut.

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