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Royal Marine Commando School (2014) TV Series. This documentary series has unprecedented behind the scenes access to The Royal Marines Training Programme, the toughest basic training of any Armed Forces, in the world. They have 32 weeks to turn raw recruits into the best soldiers in the world and the first two weeks are among the toughest.

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For everyone who would like to re-watch Royal Marine Commando School (2014) TV Series, the full episode synopsis is below.

Royal Marine Commando School (2014) S01E01 – Episode 1 – Aired 14th July 2014 - 56 new recruits arrive at Lympstone for their first day of military training. They are put in a 60-bed dorm where every waking hour is controlled by their drill instructor.

Royal Marine Commando School (2014) S01E02 - Episode 2 – Aired 21st July 2014 - If the raw recruits can make it through the next three weeks of training, their families will be invited to witness their progress, plus they will get to visit home.

Royal Marine Commando School (2014) S01E03 - Episode 3 – Aired 28th July 2014 - The marine recruits must complete a tough series of physical challenges in the gym, including three staggeringly high rope climbs. If they fail, they'll have to leave their troop.

Royal Marine Commando School (2014) S01E04 - Episode 4 – Aired 4th August 2014 - The recruits reach the challenging halfway point in training, which is often when many recruits leave the troop, either through failure or giving up, before training steps up a gear.

Royal Marine Commando School (2014) S01E05 - Episode 5 – Aired 11th August 2014 - Having trained for a month of Lympstone's notorious assault course, 174 troops take it on for real, moving one step closer to the realities of frontline fighting.

Royal Marine Commando School (2014) S01E06 - Episode 6 – Aired 18th August 2014 - As the training regime becomes ever more difficult, more and more recruits begin to question whether they want to remain on the course or not.

Royal Marine Commando School (2014) S01E07 - Episode 7 – Aired 25th August 2014 - It is week 30 and after seven months of training the recruits of 169 troop are only two weeks away from receiving their green berets and becoming full-fledged marines.

Royal Marine Commando School (2014) S01E08 - Episode 8 – Aired 1st September 2014 - Troop 169 face their final exercise and toughest test yet - a realistic combat role-play. Mike is hoping to become the fourth Green Beret in his family, but will he...

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