royal marine band service medical question?

hi everyone im cassie, new here so i may have posted in the wrong section....hopefully not!
i am currently going through my application for the band service.
ive had two medicals and have been failed twice.
This is because i had "extremely mild" knee problems and it hasnt been a year since the problem.
since having that problem ive lost 3 stone, strengthened my thigh muscles, have had no other problems and Ive been completely dscharged from the orthapedics clinic.

The doctor i saw for my medical asked for a full medical history about my knees, but i couldnt afford it so i got a letter from the specialist stating i have nothing wrong with me.
the doctor i saw for the medical still wont put me through, because it hasnt been a year since...

its been 8 months since any problems, is there any way of seeing another doctor? or a navy doctor? or would it be better to wait until june to get a remed? im so impatient! i would ask the RMC Sgt who has been handling my application but his currently on compassionate leave....any advice would be lovely :mrgreen:
Hi Cassie,

Your first point of contact should be your CA, as he/she will know the full story. Everyone who applies to join undergoes a medical, they must be passed as fit to join before we can further their application. Therefore, you will need to get the Dr who first medicalled you in our process to say you are fit. If they have siad you need to be 1 year clear of problems, then that is their decision and that is what we would have to go by. You can only appeal a decision if you think the circumstances have change in anyway. My guess would be you would honestly be better to wait, use your time wisely making sure you are fit and that you have everything ready for your audition. That way when you are given clearance the final stages of the process should be achievable quickly.

Talk to your own CA or the Band selector when he returns





You have failed previous medical examinations because of your knees. When the orthopaedic surgeon said there was "nothing wrong with them" s/he mean't nothing surgically fixable wrong with them. There is a condition called anterior knee pain which has a variety of causes, but is common in military recruits of any arm. It can lead to long-term knee problems and, for that reason, anyone with previous knee issues gets examined very closely.

From a medical point of view, wait until your medical is due. Bringing the process forward will not change anything in the long run.

RN Medical Officer
hi, thanks for your reply.
i know i sound like an impatient annoying person but its becuase im so desperate to get in...
I was diagnosed with an extremely mild case of "Chondromalacia patella"
(the reason i didnt put this on the last post was because i couldnt spell it and didnt want people to think i was silly)
Is my CA the RMC Sgt that has been handling my application?

My audition would be in july, and it will be a year since any problems in june, do you think this is enough time to get the medical completed, (and if i passed that) get the PJ fitness test as well as the formal interview completed before the audition?

The main thing that my specialist told me was wrong was my weight, and that because i wasnt excersising at the time my thigh muscles were very weak. Thus resulting in my knee problems.
im working at the gym to keep my muscles strong and to keep as healthy as possible so that when it comes to my medical i will hopefully pass.

Sorry if it seems my post was a waste of time, but its very frustrating when the doctor hasnt even looked at your knee and when you need to ask questions you cant because the person you need to talk to isnt in!!
I would ask the WO but he hasnt been directly involved with my application, and to be honest he makes me feel nervous!

thanks again!
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