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My husband is in Royal Marine training and I am concerned that he could be based in Scotland straight out of training. We live in Devon and I'm wondering whether there is provision for married couples to stay closer to home. Say, Taunton or Plymouth?

I have a business here and cannot relocate. Could we be forced to live so far apart if I can't move too?

My step-dad was in the RN for thirty years and with the exception of deployments, worked at Culdrose close to the old family home.

I can't find much info online about this. Can anybody put my mind at ease?



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He'll fill out a form with his area preferences on, with mitigating factors to strengthen his case.

But as dappers says, he'll go where they need him.


If he is a diamond they usually get their first choice.

If you get a draft to Plymouth first and take SFA you can stay there even if he gets sent to Scotland.

But they get sent where they get sent. Once he has specialisation it gets easier I've found as they can harass their branch advisor to get the draft they want.

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