Royal Mail Postal Strike

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Richie, Oct 12, 2007.

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  1. Just more ammo for the public services (post/water/electric/health/dental etc) to be centrally controlled, and for a total ban on strikes. But it would mean stopping the greedy tykes at the top grabbing oodles of cash, and bonuses, for a shoddy service.

    Can anyone wonder why they call it the British Disease ?
  2. While I respect the postal workers right to strike I also ask where do they expect the extra money to come from. The Royal Mail in its present condition cannot afford to pay any salary increases, and that includes higher managements.
    If ways to identify savings have been identified and costs cut by working practices which means that the full eight hours contracted have to be worked then what is the problem/
    Because of the dispute many businesses are signing contracts with private companies who they know will provide a reliable service, these companies may cost more but these costs are passed on.
    Strikes will be the downfall of the Royal mail now that it has lost its monopoly.
  3. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    The Trades Unions managed to kill off mining, steel making and shipbuilding in Britain, and the employment of British merchant seamen, and have tried their best to cripple firefighting, so they may as well kill off Royal Mail as well. A sorry commentary on the British workman that he is so thick as to go on paying a TU sub when the only ultimate result can be the loss of his job.
  4. Regretably many of these 'spanish' practices date from the days when PO employees were direct governemnt employees and were 'allowed' by management to ensure a reasonable pay for the lads. Clearly the whole thing needs to re-organised from top to botton, new technology applied and a decent rate of pay for those left in the service.

    Regretably there is no alternative to the post office because although private companies cream off a lot of the bulk mail business these days it is still the dear old postie who pops the bill through your door irrespective of who collected it from the issuer. As well as the myriad of businesses that depend on the PO to deliver their good and bring in payment and orders equally the big mail handling companies are suffering too as they have nowhere to send all the mail they collect.

    This practice of making up pay with spanish practices has bedevilled the post office for years, back in the 60s and 70s a good mates dad was a real postmaster who ended up as a strike troubleshooter and even when nearing retirement he was often called out in the middle of the night to sort out disputes at one office or another.
  5. I used to work for the Royal Mail and have been on both sides of the picket line. Let me put this to you - go back and look over the past 10 years at how many times and at what time of year the workers strike.
    Lets see if anyone else discovers the pattern of just before summer holiday time and just before Christmas!!

    Slim, both the workers and the CWU (union) both know that there is not enough money in the pot for the increase they are asking.
    But the can get that increase through the mass of overtime caused by stike action!! Basically the backlkog is so severe, the workers get in and work double time to clear it - cue a HUGE bonus for Christmas (and the same to pay for summer holidays)

    The Royal Mail is a shambles. What was once a great service, booming company and a fantastic place to work has slowly deteriorated as they promoted all the wrong people, hired all the wrong people and made all the wrong decisions. The Consignia re-branding being a perfect example.
  6. Not to central control, but expose it to the market.
  7. So why are Leighton and Crozier still raking it in at the top?

    Good luck to the Posties I say.
  8. The strikes have been made illegal by some Judge I believe, whilst sensible (they are holding small businesses and private individuals to ransom - big business don't give a 5H1T they canafforf to pay others) but the 'rent a mob rabble rouser' will be out in force with a good excuse to drag the country down, again.......

    busy weekend ahead Fink?
  9. Surprised the Government or Press havn't mentioned our poor servicemen and women out in Iraq/Afghan who will not receive their mail because of the strikes.

    Try and turn public opinion against the Posties.
  10. It appears that an agreement may have been reached, I would say that if that is the case then HMG have stepped into the ring and 'advised' Crozier and his gang to get it sorted if you will excuse the pun.
  11. It was well and truly fckd even before Crozier took over as Chief Exec. Hes made some changes that have improved the financial situation of the Royal Mail, but its too little too late. The damage is done.

    When I joined the Mail after leaving school it was very hard to get in and not only were staff treated well back then, but the company ran like a well oiled machine. Now most of the staff are unexperienced temps and more than 3/4 of them are foreigners.

    Now explain this. They were losing money everyday, so they tighten the belt which has an adverse effect on the permenant members off staff. However they refuse to take on any new permenant members of staff and instead employ temps - this costs them more as they have to pay the temp agency more (for example the temp gets £7 an hour but the Royal Mail pays the agency £16 an hour!!)

    All of the problems of the Royal Mail come down to poor leadership and poor management. I for one am glad I got out in time. Good luck to the Posties!!

    Edited to add: I have a friend in the Royal Mail call centre in Edinburgh who has been a temp for 5 years. Same job, same seat, same workload, but they wont take him on permenant because their isnt a job for him!?!?
  12. What a fascinating take on this subject. I mistakingly thought
    1. Ship owners employed flags of convenience in order to use cheap foreign labour, who would get the punt if they brought up H&S issues.
    2. Thatcher broke the mining industry to destroy communities and enable the import of cheaper, east European fuel.
    3. The steel industry/shipbuilding/mining industries could not compete with cheap, subsidised foreign imports.
    4. Cripple firefighting ? I don't understand that.

    In your own time , at me as a target, go on. :thumright:
  13. This is another of Blair's legacies when he appointed the gruesome twosome Leighton and Crozier to bulldoze the Post Office that we knew and loved.
  14. But isn't the great B. Liar a Labour leader (or was) this puts him in the same box as you Fink' surely?
  15. safewalrus, I handed back my party card because of Blair when he decided to hang onto that dangerous nincompoop Bush's shirt tails on their ‘mission from god’ invasion of Iraq, I have never been or likely to be one who tows the party line blindly.
  16. Fink I'm with you and the posties.

    They have a shit job however I get my mail daily wether its snow wind floods etc and the next day 1st class post works too.

    As for 'spanish practices' load of balls-------there are lots of civvy companies do the same 'job and finish ' its ok in the quiet periods but oh my gawd in the busy periods --and no extra dosh .
    The change in shift hours --another fine management crock of shite .
    Posties leave the depot earlier to miss the 0800--0930 roads snarl up .
    They tried that in my last place before I retired the delivery drivers always
    got back late so vehicle maintenance got behind and of course the knock on of 'driving hours per tacho' simply because the roads congestion.They reverted to old routine after 6 weeks.

    Management never realises that if the work force is happy let it go.However they would like a reasonable wage .

    Royal Mail has been making profits --and with ebay etc the volume of mail I would say has doubled .

    :nemo: :nemo:
  17. As long as it makes a profit which it does that should be sufficient, as it is a public service with no share holders to take a slice of the cake.
  18. Fink in that case mate I tkae it back, but you do tend to shout Labour rather loud at times mate!!
  19. It does make me wonder if the service provided by Royal Mail can be improved at all by splitting it into two or more different companies:

    The general public require a cheap mail delivery service, this goes without saying. So we create a company (For convenience's sake let's just call it "Royal Mail") that deals exclusively in the delivery of personal mail; Letters, greetings cards, and small parcels. Royal Mail will offer first and second class delivery schemes, and because Royal Mail will have a monopoly on the personal delivery market, can raise and lower prices as required to keep their neck above the water-line.

    We also create a second company (For example we'll call it "Royal Mail Business") who will specialise in the delivery of business-related mail. Services offered would be business-class (within two working days) as standard and special delivery, which would be on a much tighter deadline (by midday for example). Because Royal Mail Business wouldn't have a monopoly on anything, and wouldn't be performing a government service. It would be free from any government watchdog-bodies to compete like any other delivery service (eg Citylink). The focus of Royal Mail Business would be to generate high-profit, which could be invested back into Royal Mail and Royal Mail Business to create a better national postal service, and adequately pay the employees.

    The third company, would be Royal Mail Technology, and would deal exclusively with Royal Mail and Royal Mail Business, repairing and maintaining its vehicles and equipment. Because Royal Mail Technology would be a company to serve Royal Mail and Royal Mail Business it wouldn't be required to generate much profit, only enough to keep its neck above water and allow a little to improve the service.

    Just an idea, anyway.

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