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In a recent question about the Royal Marines Police, the poster identified that his great-great grandfather and joined the service direct from Greenwich Hospital.

As a navy-brat in the 60s / 70s I went to the successor instituion of GHS, the Royal Hospital School at Holbrook. I was there from 74 until 77 when my father left the mob and the boarding school allowance dried up. At the time there was nearly 700 pupils at the school, with the very great majority being sons of serving RN.

- Are there any other ex-RHS inmates here?

- When I attended, Holbrook was well a well-known school in the RN - is this still the case?


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soleil said:
So you were both there at the same time for two years 75-77.
Correct, but we were in different boarding houses on different sides of the School (separated by a large parade ground). While we would have probably bumped into each other in corridors, dining hall etc, we'd never have known since socialisation was primarily by boarding house and year group, followed by class.
I recall joining the Annex at the sshhhhhh (mighty G Spot) in the spring of 62.

One of the new entries was a boy from the RHS, immaculate in square rig, boots and white gaiters - very impressive indeed!

Can't recall his name, but I would bet he ended up as a Badge Junior in the main area eventually.

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