Royal Garden Party

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by cuticles, Jun 12, 2009.

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  1. The Centenary invitations have arrived and it's interesting to see that apart from ones Personal Card another form of photographic Identity is required.
    A passport seems reasonable but a Firearms Certificate?
  2. You must have friends in high places , and done a bit????? :wink: :wink: Say Hello to Lizzie, from all the old/bold Wafus, were out on a PU that day, and cant make it :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  3. Not sure she'll be there but the Commodore -in -Chief Fleet Air Am will be so I''ll ask him if he remembers Scouse? He probably will and ask if it's that Fella-me-Ld from Liverpool?
  4. We went in 2005, but didn't need any other ident apart from the Official Invitation.

    The Gentlemen have already picked out those that one of the Royals will stop and chat to, so don't expect to be greeted by one of the Royals, as long as you don't expect too much, it's reasonable and fun. All the goofers outside the Palace have a good look at you as you line up to be checked through the gate.

    Beware of the queues at the refreshment tents, and don't bet on getting a seat at a table.
    Mind the big bird droppings in the grass too !
    If it's a hot day, wear a half sleeve shirt - I didn't and sweated my nax off!

    The only tall one is The Duke, all the others seem to be about 5'8", so you might have to be on tip toes to see any of them.

    Have fun, you might be lucky to get on one of the DVDs they do of the event.

  5. :roll: :roll: Andy wont know any of us Wafus/from the days of Strike carriers :wink: Him being a through deck cruiser jockey :lol:
  6. When I attended my most recent one in 2007, all I needed was the invitation. When I used to go in uniform (as skin in the Observer Corps) I just wore my No.1s and took my service ID. If you start discussing horse racing, doooo make sure you're up to date..... :oops: The ground is most unobliging, failing to open up and swallow you when you most need it! :sad2:
  7. I attended one with the Not Forgotton Association last July and it was a great day, with Princess Anne in attendance who came over to meet us SAMA82 lads.

    I took my ID card as proof of who I was, but was not asked for it and my wife did not need any other form of ID either. I do know of some who have attended who were asked for some form of ID to accompany their invitation.

    Hope you have a good day.
  8. Ah - you're on about the special one for the WAFU's centenary special bash thingy malarkey.

    Any one going to one of the regular ones? :D Did I mention that I am? The missus is a little bit excited...
  9. For the Service ones at RAF Bentley Priory it was always No.1s and just the ID card. At the Buck Palace ones all you need is to look tiddly and take the invitation. You and your guest/partner's name is on the invitation. If you are disabled they are also very accomodating, allocating you a parking permit and you enter via the side entrance, rather than having to join the impossibly long queue trailing all the way up to Charing Cross station :wink: There is also a disabled friendly toilet available at that entrance.
  10. It is unlikely any additional photographic identification will be necessary--A Driving Licence Passport that sort of thing--But a firearms certificate as Cuticles suggests will be necessary --Really
  11. I've traipsed 'round the shops with my dear wife seeking a new hat, She has others but worries that they may already have been seen
    Who knew that a Fascinator was also some form of ladies headwear . Strewth!
    I'd always imagined it was that delightful young lady doing unspeakable things with one or more Asahi beer bottles in the Royal Navy Club in Sasebo

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